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6 Modern Lil Wayne Dreads Hairstyles To Enhance Your Style Today!

Lil Wayne is known for his work as an artist. With 5 Grammy awards to his belt, some say that what he has achieved as a musician can only be a dream to most, which we humbly agree with. However, that is not the only accomplishment that has achieved an admirable amount of attention over the course of his career. Apart from his memorable soundtracks, the fellow rapper has gained a fair share of acclaim for his dreadlocks.

A look that he has worn for almost 2 decades now, die-hard fans as well as the artist himself believes that the dreadlocks are a part of his identity. Dreadlocks are brought into existence through the braiding technique and is a staple look amongst the Rasta community. It is a look that caters to those with afro hair, but can also be created by all types of hair with the use of styling tools.

Today’s article will contain a throwback to all the hairstyles that Lil Wayne has rocked over the course of his career that you too can incorporate! Apart from featuring various designs, we will include a set of questionnaires regarding the ways in which one can create Lil Wayne’s dreadlocks. Till then, we hope you stay locked in and enjoy the following materials that we will be covering!

6 Classic Lil Wayne Dreadlocks to Bring Back This Year

Lil Wayne’s hair has always been resilient, which probably allowed him to wear so many unique designs of dreadlocks. His hair type is 4b, which is commonly found in the heads of those with afro hair and is a texture that is meant for experimenting.

The type of dreadlocks that he wears on the regular are called free form locs. This look is usually easy to create as it requires zero to minimum manipulation.

Additionally, when it comes to the length, we believe that you need to at least grow your hair out till it’s 7 to 8 inches long before you recreate one of the following variations as the layouts are rather lengthy. You can grow it out even further if you wish to create a look with your own hairdo.

Moving on, here are the 6 variations of dreadlocks that Lil Wayne has worn which are easy to create, and even easier to pull off!

Middle Part Dreadlocks

Middle Part Dreadlocks

When your dreads are fully grown, choosing a hairdo that will allow the length to excel might be a bit difficult. That’s when this option comes in. Not only are middle part dreadlocks convenient for those that are seeking a hairstyle for visuals, but it also comes with a low-maintenance hair care routine. The look can be created using hair custard, or can even be achieved through the use of no products.

Middle part dreadlocks can also be worn with bandanas, headscarves, and headbands to enhance the texture of the dreads and enable them to stay in place at all times.

Pigtail Dreadlocks

Pigtail Dreadlocks

Pigtail dreadlocks have always been around, but no one has pulled them off as nicely as Lil Wayne did. The look not only has two pigtail dreads to create a positive impression, but also contains braided dreadlocks in the middle to give it some style.

Apart from the outstanding appearance, this option is extremely versatile. Whether it’s paired up with an outfit that explores streetwear fashion or matched with a classy suit, the pigtail dreads will not only allow the wearer to create a stronger first impression, but also stand out amongst the crowd.

Multicolor Dreadlocks

Multicolor Dreadlocks

If you want to give your existing dreadlocks a drastic upgrade, you’re more than welcome to take this design into consideration.

Consisting of the colors red, blue, and purple, not only are these dreads high-spirited, but the color scheme itself is an eye-grabbing factor. The look’s visuals are so powerful that they will even make the plainest outfit stand out!

Apart from the color scheme, this look is extremely adjustable and can be showcased in multiple ways. One can use the two twist method to create two framing locs, or even cover the strands with a snapback to create an unforgettable impact at social gatherings.

Duotone Dreadlocks

Duotone Dreadlocks

Just like the previous entry on this list, duotone dreadlocks are for those that are all about experimenting with hair! It contains an exceptional appearance and allows the locs to look healthier and more noticeable.

While the colors red and yellow are more than desirable for pulling off this look, one may also replace the color scheme with two other colors that contain the same amount of energy. For instance, you can switch the duo up with a color scheme that contains cyan and light purple.

Bleached Dreadlocks with Dark Roots

Bleached Dreadlocks With Dark Roots

Worn by Lil Wayne in recent times, this design consists of a two-tone color pattern. The locs are bleached to the fullest, while the roots contain a darker color. This creates a disconnection between the ends and the beginning of the strands, which is an appealing trait when a color scheme with a neutral color and a vibrant color is involved.

Apart from the benefits of the color, the bleached locs are also extremely convenient to create as well as pair with different kinds of attire. They are also extremely adaptable as they tend to look presentable in any setting imaginable.

Fully Bleached Locs

Fully Bleached Locs

Lil Wayne took it an extra mile when he switched his previous hairdo with this one! Not only does it contain bleach towards the ends, but also contains bleach throughout the roots of the scalp.

The bleach not only amps up the density of the existing strands, but can also cover up the follicles that are thinning out, adding to the fullness of the overall look. It can also be paired up with accessories and is flexible enough for adapting to readjustments to the design.

Furthermore, while it is a great option for those that prefer a hairstyle with flattering visuals, the procedure this option contains isn’t too friendly for the scalp and should not be attempted without the assistance of another person.

Bob With Hat

Bob With Hat

Braided Dreads

Braided Dreads

Jumbo Dreads

Jumbo Dreads

Long Textured Dreads

Long Textured Dreads

Top Knot Dreads

Top Knot Dreads

The Transformation of Lil Wayne’s Dreads Over the Decades

Lil Wayne Dreads Transformation Over The Decades


The growth of Lil Wayne’s music career was immense. However, the evolution of Lil Wayne’s dreadlocks was just as impactful.

The rapper began his dreadlock journey right before he entered the music industry, and by 1999, his dreads were long enough to be showcased as cornrows.

By 2004, the rapper switched his previously trendy cornrows for a middle part dreadlocks. While the visuals were just as sublime as the former look, the middle part dreadlocks were also more friendly for his cuticles as well as his scalp.

Between 2010 and 2017, Lil Wayne’s dreadlocks grew longer, and changed colors frequently. The rapper wore multicolor dreadlocks, two-tone dreadlocks, as well as pigtails. However, with each day, the density of his hair declined, which could be one of the reasons why he had to give his hair a fresh start.

While Lil Wayne experimented with bleach over the years, he finally found a concrete hairdo when he replaced his frosted locs with fully bleached dreadlocks; a look he wears to this day. It’s a great option for the rapper, mainly since his locs look healthier than ever. The bleach also covers the thinning areas perfectly, enhancing the existing appeal of the visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we do believe that the information given above is definitely enough, we also feel that it would be unfair to leave it at that. Therefore, to offer an additional amount of help, mentioned below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Lil Wayne’s dreadlocks which we have tackled and solved constructively. If you feel that we have missed out on anything, do let us know in the comments section below!

Question: What is going on with Lil Wayne’s dreadlocks?

Answer: Lil Wayne’s dreadlocks haven’t changed in terms of design since the early 2000s. However, the density of it might have been compromised due to the tight hairstyles he’s worn during that time period, making him a victim of male pattern baldness.

Question: Did Lil Wayne cut his dreads?

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, the rapper hasn’t changed his hair ever since he started rocking the dreads. In fact, in a recent interview, he revealed that he will keep his hair as it is till the day all of the strands decide to fall off.

Question: Can dreads prevent one from balding?

Answer: While dreadlocks do increase the density of one’s hair, they too come with a deadline. When worn for too long, the locs might become damaged, falling off one’s scalp as a result.


At the end of the day, while there’s no doubt that Lil Wayne will go down in history as one of the best rappers of the 21st century, we also believe that his dreadlocks will remain iconic. Not only do they look amazing in terms of visuals, but they pair well with any and every outfit. As long as the successor wears the hairdo confidently, the dreadlocks will surely make them stand out in a room full of people.

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