7 Luscious Polo G Dreads To Massively Amp Up Your Hair Game

In recent years, the music career of Polo G has really taken off and blossomed into a somewhat memorable event in the music industry as well as in the hearts of enthusiasts of the fellow rapper.

Between 2018 and 2022, Polo G really left a mark in the recording industry. As of 2022, the American rapper has added multiple platinum records and prominent award nominations to his belt, which is nothing short of amusing. While he has garnered fame and public recognition due to all the tracks he released, amongst all the projects, the song “Rapstar” was the biggest hit, and to this day, is one of the two things he’s known for.

Additionally, when the musician’s achievements and nominations aren’t in the mix and he isn’t entertaining his fans by partaking in concerts, Polo G is known for his effortlessly healthy dreads, which is famously referred to as “Polo G Dreads”, which will be the main highlight of this article.

This article will not only contain a deep rewind of Polo G’s dreads and his dread journey, but also consist of multiple variations of dreadlocks that can be incorporated for daily use. In addition to analyzing the growth of his dreadlocks, we will also tackle various questions regarding Polo G dreads that are frequently mentioned on the web at the end of this article.

Till then, we hope you sit back and enjoy as we present to you various options through which you can showcase the growth of your magnificent dreadlocks!

7 Polo G Dreads Hairstyles For Reinforcing Your Hair Progression

Even before music enthusiasts started taking notes of the talent that Polo G possessed, his dreadlocks were on point. While we can’t pinpoint the exact day on which he started his journey, we can surely say that Polo G’s dreadlock transformation is notable and powerful enough to be a success story that many hair enthusiasts, especially those with afro hair, can look up to.

From wearing free form locs to rocking two twist locs, here’s a list of all the variations of dreadlocks that Polo G has worn during early years as an artist as well as the years he rose to stardom, which is still valid till today!

Voluminous Free Form Locs

Voluminous Free Form Locs

Worn by Polo G when he was a troublesome teen, the voluminous portion of the dreadlocks was achieved with the assistance of a blowout; an activity that involves using a blow dryer directly onto one’s hair to present the hair with a fuller appearance.

On another note, unlike most blowout afro hairstyles, Polo G’s dreadlocks have the visuals that are similar to that of free form locs. While the reason behind that has yet to be discovered, we believe that the free form locs stayed as Polo G didn’t use any hair product or do anything to manipulate the texture of his hair.

Curtain Shape Dreads

Curtain Shape Dreads

The creator of the hit “Rapstar” was also seen with this hairstyle right before he became an overnight sensation. It features dreadlocks that have the same appearance as that of a curtain shape hairstyle, also known as the eBoy

Even though we believe that this look was worn by Polo G to fight back against the awkward phases of his dreadlock journey, we firmly believe that it’s a look that is timeless and can be worn by anyone that’s seeking to amp up the edginess behind their appeal.

Short Two Twist Locs

Short Two Twist Locs

Once your hair is somewhat adjustable, drop your existing look for your dreadlocks and give this one a go!

It offers a laid back look not just for the wearer, but also for the hair. The strands on one side are usually left alone to create that messy, free form like appearance. The adjacent side, on the other hand, has the opposite vibe, consisting of a neater finish, held firmly with a plastic hair tie.

Furthermore, this look is not just for the lazy ones, but also for those fashionistas waiting to make their presence known at an event.

Wavy Two Twist Dreadlocks

Wavy Two Twist Dreadlocks

If you want your dreadlocks to have the sass that you have, and want the look to stand out, this variation will surely meet both the requirements and make each lock shine, literally!

Once your hair crosses your chin, you can definitely try to mimic this look of Polo G. All you need to do is use a dime sized amount of hair pomade, hair gel, or hair wax, and incorporate it into your two twist strand method. Section each part carefully to enable the box braids to form underneath the thick dreads. If the dime sized amount of gel isn’t sufficient, don’t hesitate to use more hair gel. In fact, use as much as you feel the need to until you create your desired look.

Long Dreads With Box Braids

Long Dreads With Box Braids

While we can only imagine how Polo G must have felt before and after he started showcasing his dreadlocks with box braids, we’re more than sure that the voyage that once seemed dreadful is definitely paying off for the 23 year old music sensation, as he’s clearly pulling off looks that one can only dream of having.

Additionally, if you’re still growing out your hair, and would like to mirror this look at least once in your lifetime, do so immediately after your hair reaches a commendable length. Follow the two strand twist technique to change the formation of your dreads and to achieve the box braid esque pattern underneath.

Side Part Two Twist Dreadlocks

Side Part Two Twist Dreadlocks

While hair keeps changing its length and texture, the amount of lazy days one might have over the course of a year remains the same. Additionally, if you’re tired of how your dreadlocks look, and would like to change things up a little without adding too much to your plate, consider recreating this look.

For creating the separation for the side part, use an afro comb and place it on either one of the two sides. Comb against the grain if you want the look to have volume; move it towards the grain if you want a flatter, more manageable head of dreadlocks.

Short Dreadlocks with Pigtail Bun

Short Dreadlocks With Pigtail Bun

If you’re as surprised as we are on how Polo G wears his wonderful dreads, then you’re definitely not ready for this hairstyle, as he’s the one who created it!

Those who have grown and are trying to grow their dreadlocks know how hard it is to manage your hair. The locs feel messy on some days, and feel extremely heavy and out of place on the rest.

However, although many have found multiple solutions to control their dreads, the best and easiest solution was perhaps discovered by Mr. Capalot himself: Polo G. He did so by sectioning his dreads on one side, and used a tie to wrap it up. Not only did it result in a look that looks great on anyone, but also a hairdo that requires minimum effort.  

An Overview on Polo G’s Dreadlock Transformation

Polo G’s career is a rather remarkable feat, but his hair journey was as challenging as that of an average Joe.

When he initially started growing out his dreadlocks, Polo G was locked behind bars, and didn’t really have much of a choice. His hair had the same visuals as that of free form locs, and was paired up with a simple yet cleanly done undercut, which was probably incorporated to manage the growth and offer an admirable amount of volume to the locs.

He also moved towards a look that is commonly known as an afro blowout, but unlike the traditional hairdo, the visuals of his hair seemed more like a look that featured an afro blowout with free form locs.

Polo G Dreadlock Transformation

As the years passed by and he gravitated most of his time towards music, Polo G started manipulating his dreads to slowly but surely form curtain shaped dreadlocks, also known as the m-shape dreadlocks. We believed the look paired rather exceptionally with his bandana, and was a perfect match for his taste in fashion.

Moving on, in recent years, the locs that started growing out abruptly and definitely went through various awkward phases turned into one of the better dreadlocks to wear to this day, and the reason behind the look’s success is none other than Polo G and his hair care routine. He’s been wearing the same look for almost a year or two now, with no signs of having a change of heart.

Additionally, while we’re quite unsure of the rituals that he followed, we believe that Polo G didn’t do much to his hair until it increased in size and became lengthy enough to manipulate and manageable enough to recreate various forms of dreadlocks. When the length grew in size, Polo G likely used hair gel to incorporate and successfully introduce the two twist method to his dreadlocks; which is a look he wears as of 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our main aims is to help you as much as we can before you choose to try a new hairstyle out. To meet that requirement today, we have listed a series of questions related to Polo G’s dreadlocks which you will find right below this portion.

Question: What are Polo G’s dreadlocks called? 

Answer: While the rapper has worn a blowout afro hairdo with free form locs, short curtain shaped or m-shaped locs, and even a pigtail bun, the hairdo that he currently wears, which is also a look that he’s notorious for, is called the Two Strand Twist Dreadlocks.

Additionally, if you’d like to recreate it, but happen to be a visual learner, here’s a video that provides a brief on how one can recreate the unique dreads of Polo G.

Question: How do you create Polo G’s hair?

Answer: While everyone’s hair texture is as different as the purpose of their existence, one can surely create Polo G’s dreadlocks by investing their composure in their hair and growing it out for months without using hair products, accessories, or anything that will change the natural form of their hair. When the hair is lengthy enough, they can recreate the look by using the two strand twist method on their natural locs.

Final Verdict

All in all, we hope this write-up not only caters to your hair, but also provides you with information that is compulsory to acquire before coming to a decision. Some of the looks obtain a hair care routine with low maintenance, and can be pulled off with zero to little assistance.

However, for recreating looks as visually presentable as the two twist dreadlocks with braids, make sure to reach out to a hairdresser who specializes in manipulating one’s dreadlocks. Although it can definitely be done at home, the resilience of your locs might deteriorate if you mishandle them and create somewhat of a botched procedure.

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