Chief Keef Dreads

Chief Keef Dreads: A Closer Look Into Chief Keef’s Hairstyle Journey!

Drill rap is a genre that has been on the rise for quite some time now. However, not enough credit goes to Chief Keef, the pioneer of the Chicago-based genre.

Chief Keef started his career in 2010 and quickly became a household name in the streets of Chicago, Illinois. His unique rapping flow when paired with his lyrical abilities allowed him to make music that was truly one of a kind and is the main reason behind his ever growing fame.

Chief is also known for his unique taste in fashion, preferably the luscious dreads that he’s been wearing day in, day out for quite some time now. In fact, for a while, Chief Keef was specifically acknowledged solely for his dreadlocks!

Additionally, if you’re tired of maintaining your natural hair and believe that it’s a good time to change it up a bit, give your hair a fresh start. Do so by recreating Chief Keef’s dreads, also known as the Chief Keef dreads, through the use of this article!

A Closer Look Into Chief Keef’s Hair Type

Chief Keef didn’t just focus on his craft as a musician when he burst into the scene in early 2010s, but also tried his best to grow out his naturally afro hair; a venture which paid off eventually.

The dreadlocks he wears are extremely defined and dense due to the afro-textured hair he’s had as a kid. While the texture is clearly apparent due to the visuals, it is believed that his hair type is 4b, just like American rapper Jay-Z and NBA superstar, Ja Morant.

The two twist dreadlocks that he usually wears could be perfect for those that have a laid back personality, and a great change for those that are tired of wearing the same hairstyle over and over again. Due to the texture, it mostly pairs well with clothing items related to streetwear fashion. However, when parted in a neat and presentable manner, the dreadlocks can be worn effortlessly at formal events.

9 Chief Keef Dreadlock Hairstyles That Will Change Your Life!

Chief Keef’s music and persona are two things that really make the rapper adored all over the world. However, one thing that has yet to amass enough attention is the growth of his dreadlock journey. The amount of patience he must have had throughout the growth period must have been immense. The composure not only rewarded him with thick dreadlocks with resilience, but also rewarded hair enthusiasts with 9 new hairstyles to experiment with.

From tying the dreads up into a bun to creating cornrows like renowned A-list athletes, here are 10 of our favourite dreadlock hairstyles of Chief Keef’s that you too should have a go at!

Box Braided Dreadlocks

Box Braided Dreadlocks

A great way to showcase dreadlocks with style can be obtained through the help of box braids. On top of implementing a unique pattern that can pair well with a series of outfits, wearing box braids is an easy way of protecting your dreads from excessive heat and friction, which could be an incentive that Chief Keef considered before wearing this look.

4 Strand Twist Bun

4 Strand Twist Bun

Chief Keef is good friends with American rapper ASAP Rocky, and for a brief period of time, he even wore a similar look that ASAP Rocky once had.

While ASAP Rocky’s bun contained a braided pattern, Chief Keef’s look consisted of 4 chunky twisted braids. The 4 dense locs acted more like face framing layers, which could be beneficial to those with a round face shape, alongside a bun that made the dreads more manageable to wear.

Medium Length Dreadlocks

Medium Length Dreadlocks

When Chief Keef first rose to prominence, he was regularly seen with this hairdo, which involves kinky, medium length dreadlocks.

Medium length dreadlocks are a crucial component when growing your hair. While the look does come with a series of awkward stages, it also gives you a better understanding about your hair’s density and growth, which can be of assistance during the decision making.

Furthermore, if you happen to have a big forehead, you can very well wear this look to resolve that issue, as it is known to be as effective as bangs at covering the excessive amounts of space near the hairline.

Cornrow Stitched Dreadlocks

Cornrow Stitched Dreadlocks

Cornrow stitched dreadlocks are a staple amongst the fashion scene due to the flair they carry, a fact that Chief Keef knew from the start.

Although the strands used on this look are a bit more chunky than that of average sized cornrows, the look pairs well with the twisty curls of Chief Keef. The hairdo also contains more thickness and hold in contrast to most cornrows; both of which can come in handy for those with coarse and unruly natural hair.

Long Length Dreadlocks

Long Length Dreadlocks

If the size of your dreadlocks is already massive, boast about the length through the help of this look!

It can be a good option to consider if you’re working around a tight schedule, and be even more helpful if you happen to touch your hair a bit too much. Since the look is often sealed with hair gel and shea butter, the locs stay put at all times, and seem to be unfazed when touched.

Pigtail Dreadlocks

Pigtail Dreadlocks

Embracing the growth period can lead to positives like cornrows, but can also lead to peculiar looking variants such as pigtails.

While this look isn’t necessarily the best to wear at a high-end event and could even result in some frowns during social gatherings, the pigtail dreadlocks could be the best way to allow your dreads to destress and relax for a considerable period of time.

Although most pigtail hairdos cause a lot of stress on the scalp, this option is usually created with thin hair ties, which relieves the hair from tons of friction.

Two Bun Dreads

Two Bun Dreads

Having lazy days is extremely important for musicians, and while Chief Keef regularly partakes in it to recover from touring, he also gives his hair a break by wrapping it up in two buns.

This variant can be a great tool to implement during winter, as it pairs well with baggy attires. It is also beneficial for the strands due to how loose the buns are on most occasions, making it a reliable companion to resort to if you want to enhance your dreads in a convenient way.

The Pineapple Bun

The Pineapple Bun

Although most of the entries on this list fascinate us tremendously, the pineapple bun that Chief Keef wore once upon a time is probably our favourite look so far.

It contains tons of texture on each curl, looks messy yet perfect, and consists of tons of volume; all of which are expected from good hairdos. The look is also extremely easy to recreate, as all you have to do is wrap your hair upside down with a loose hair tie. To enhance the curls a bit, you can even take assistance from curling custard or use the scrunching technique.

Free Form Dreads

Free Form Dreads

Once the dreads grew in size, Chief Keef set them free and stopped manipulating the formation process of the strands. Free form dreads are an excellent way to grow your dreads out and bring out the real texture that your hair attains. In addition, it is also easy to look after and only requires users to shampoo the hair once every four days.

Free form dreads could also be the perfect companion for you if you happen to experiment a lot with your wardrobe, as it offers tons of compatibility and meshes well with all sorts of outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we can’t directly help you out with creating one of the dreadlock hairstyles that Chief Keef magnificently pulled off over the course of his career, there are loads of ways through which we can make up for it. So, without further ado, here’s a list of questions regarding Chief Keef’s dreadlocks that will surely come in handy when you try to replicate one of his looks!

Q: How do I make my hair as defined as Chief Keef’s?

A: If you’re currently growing your hair out but can’t seem to get defined locs like Chief Keef, perhaps the root of the problem is your diet and your hair care routine.

Good dreads are often created naturally. Therefore, if you’re constantly using a twist sponge to manipulate your dreads, your locs will always look less natural and lack the definition you’re seeking. Instead, only touch your hair when you’re either washing it with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of dirt build-up or conditioning it to keep the strands moisturised at all times.

Additionally, to make your strands even more luscious, change up your diet a bit. Incorporate more protein and natural sources of fat like almond nuts into your diet. To increase the length of your strands, increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids, which are commonly found in fish.

Q: What product does Chief Keef use for his dreadlocks?

A: Since Chief Keef’s dreads are extremely twisty and his locs are tight and dense, we believe that he regularly provides moisture to his hair to keep the strands consistently healthy. To obtain the same amount of moisture, you must use a hydrating gel or wax on a regular basis. If you’re not a big fan of the waxy texture of hair wax or sticky texture of hair gel, you can even resort to shea butter, which is known for providing seamless moisture to hair cuticles without making them feel heavy or dry.

Q: How long will it take for me to grow dreadlocks like Chief Keef?

A: Chief Keef has been growing his locs since 2011. While he was extremely dedicated to extending the overall length of the dreadlocks, it seems as though he regularly got frequent maintenance trims to get rid of split ends and battle against frizziness and dullness.

While the accurate duration lies in the hands of your hair type, we feel that it will take you around 4 years to grow massive free form dreadlocks like Chief Keef!


That’s all for now, folks! We hope the above-mentioned segments help you with your dreadlock journey, and the evolution of Chief Keef’s dreadlocks inspires you to go on your own run.

Dreadlocks are known for being extremely resilient and flexible; 2 features that Chief Keef made the most of. While he did wear low maintenance looks like free form dreads, Chief also tied it up in a pineapple bun, meshed his hair with box braids, and also created cornrows like Big Sean; all of which can be created by you if you follow the steps mentioned in this article!

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