Reverse Mullet

Reverse Mullet: Everything You Need to Know

Maybe you clicked on this article about reverse mullet because you want to learn more about Drake’s baffling hairstyle that he posted on Instagram. Or, you are wondering if Bjorn’s hairstyle in the Vikings tv series is historically accurate or not. Perhaps, you’re curious why Kate Grosselin’s hairstyle became a Halloween costume back in 2009.

You might just be looking for a song by Cojum Dip. Okay we agree, that is unlikely. Whatever the reason may be that has drawn you to this article, let us tell you that you have found a goldmine.

A reverse mullet, also known as “Tellum” or “The Kate”, is as interesting as a hairstyle can get. This hairstyle has a historical legacy, and it causes a stir whenever it pops up in pop culture.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about reverse mullet. We have a funny feeling that after going through the entire thing, you might just give this funky and edgy hairstyle a go.

What is a Reverse Mullet?

What Is A Reverse Mullet

It is what it sounds like. A reverse mullet is basically the opposite of a mullet. That is why it’s called “Tellum” as well, which is “mullet’ spelled backwards.

In a mullet the hair is much longer on the back, whereas the hair is longer on the front and top, and shorter on the back in a reverse mullet.

The long hair at the front usually lies on one side of the face. The front hair comes down to your chin. It can be shorter than that as well.

The hair at the back remains comparatively much shorter. It is often spiked as well. Also, it is not uncommon to completely shave it off, or make it really short.

One side will have long front hair, and the other side’s hair is kept shorter. It can be moderate size, buzzed, or entirely shaved.

Those carrying this style sometimes choose different colors for the front and the back. Or, the front hair is highlighted.

Aesthetically speaking, this hairstyle will probably feel to you like a fusion of short emo style and a pixie cut.

This is also a gender neutral hairstyle. Both popular male and female celebrities have rocked a reverse mullet at different times.

15 Unique Reverse Mullet Styles

When styling your reverse mullet is the concern, you will not be out of options. You can just go with your imagination and try whatever feels right to you. However, we have handpicked 15 different styles for you, one of which might be the perfect choice for you.

The Classic

The Classic

You can keep it simple, and choose the classic reverse mullet. Just part your hair on one side and let it fall down on your chin. Keep the hair at the back short, and avoid spiking it up for a more sophisticated appearance. As far as reverse mullets go, this is a safe and neat option.

The Short Front

The Short Front

Maybe keeping your front hair till your chin is a bit much for you. Then, shorten it and keep it till your earlobes. This looks tidier and more manageable. Rihanna has gone for this variation, and it was appreciated by almost everyone. So, you can follow her footsteps for guaranteed success.

The Back Shaved

The Back Shaved

Now, let’s try something spicier. If you are already going for a reverse mullet, why not make it bolder? Completely shave off the entire back. This is a much more striking look. The contrast with the back will draw more attention and bring more character to what you’re doing at the front.

Side Shaved Reverse Mullet

Side Shaved Reverse Mullet

Here is another fun option. You can shave off one side, and keep it long on just the other side. Make sure to keep the length at least till your chin. This will create a clearer contrast, and make the entire style much more alive.

The Long Reverse Mullet

The Long Reverse Mullet

Why should the chin be the limit? Let your hair go beyond that. If you have a long face shape, we definitely recommend this to you. This will create a captivating appearance. However, we would suggest not shortening the sides too much. A bit of length on the side will suit this one.

Chelsea Fusion

Chelsea Fusion

Let’s look at some fusion styles. Take inspiration from the Chelsea hairstyle and combine it with a reverse mullet. Basically what that means is, their hair will not be short on one side. Keep long side and temple hair on both sides. Do not sweep them to one side and let them fall freely. Complete the look by keeping the length of the fringe till your eyebrows. Now this is a truly unique style.

Pixie Fusion

Pixie Fusion

You can fuse a reverse mullet with a pixie cut as well. It means the hair at the back will still be short, but longer than probably all the other styles in this list. So, this will be the perfect choice when the weather is too cold for shorter hair. This is definitely the cutest style you can pull off with a reverse mullet.

Spiked Reverse Mullet

Spiked Reverse Mullet

You need to keep the back hair long for this one as well. It is back hair’s time to shine in a reverse mullet. Just use some hair gel or pomade, and spike it up. Remember not to shorten the hair too much one side. Keep it at a moderate length. And yes, this is pretty much an Emo Rock inspired look. Fans of this genre should definitely give this style a chance.

The Spiky Top

The Spiky Top

Consider this a variation of the previous style. The difference here is that you shorten the hair at the back and spike up the top instead, while the front lies on one side. Also, shorten the sides for this one. This style will prove a visual contrast in every way. Contrast between front and back, between the sides, and between the spikes and the laid down hair.

Emo Reverse Mullet

Emo Reverse Mullet

This one is self-explanatory. Just go Emo with your reverse mullet. For the ones who claim that Emo has never been just a phase, this is the style to prove it. By choosing this one, you would also be paying tribute to the ones who actually brought the reverse mullet to the mainstream.

The Viking Mullet

The Viking Mullet

Do we have any history buffs or fans of the Vikings TV series here? Well, this one’s for you. Completely shave the back, don’t keep the front hair too long, do not let it fall on one side, have similar length on both sides, and now you have an 800-year-old hairstyle. We know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. It would be really difficult to explain to your boss why you chose this particular style. But if you want to do it and can afford it, we would say that you should go at it with full confidence.

Curly Reverse Mullet

Curly Reverse Mullet

Do not think that reverse mullet is only for straight hairs. You can easily adopt it with curly or wavy hair as well. If it’s difficult for you to keep it till your chin, just keeping it till your earlobes will give you a neat look. People with curly and wavy hair, we really recommend this one to you. You are missing out on a uniquely fresh look by not trying out this style.

Dyed Reverse Mullet

Dyed Reverse Mullet

If you like to dye your hair a different color, you will not find a better hairstyle than reverse mullet. Slick silver, pretty pink, aqua blue or pitch black, the choices are endless. Just choose whatever color you think suits your hair, and it will make your reverse mullet ever more vibrant.

Bi-color Reverse Mullet

Bi Color Reverse Mullet

Is coloring your entire hair the same color too boring for you? Make a cooler and bolder decision. Choose two different colors for the front hair, and the hair at the top and the back. Create a stark contrast and take your reverse mullet game to the next level.

Highlighted Reverse Mullet

Highlighted Reverse Mullet

Another color option would be just highlighting your front hair. This way you can dye the least amount of hair, and still have a great impact. Definitely go for highlighting if you are keeping longer front hair. Your flowy hair is bound to catch a lot of eyes.

Whatever style you choose to go with, remember that the style mostly depends on the person carrying it. So, whichever direction you go, go with all your heart.

The History of Reverse Mullet

History Of Reverse Mullet The Irish Hipsters

Reverse mullet might feel like an unusual hairstyle, that is pretty “out there”. However, it has actually existed for almost a thousand years.

There is actually evidence which shows that Vikings around the 1200s might have carried a reverse mullet. There is art, sculpture, and tapestry where Viking men are seen in a reverse mullet.

However, they used to entirely shave off the hair at the back and sometimes the sides. The hair at front also did not lie on one side, and was more like a fringe.

They used to tie it back during a fight, which is understandable because you would not want the hair to get into your eye or block your view in any way.

Bjorn, a character from the Vikings TV series, is seen in such a hairstyle. His hairstyle is deemed as historically accurate.

The Vikings were not the only ones showing off their reverse mullet. Back in the 16th century, Irish hipsters were also owning the style as well.

Albrecht Druer’s woodcut shows Irish men in reverse mullet. Laurent Vital has also mentioned the style in 1517.

He has described how “only the tops of their heads were covered with hair”,  and the hair used to “grow down to their eyebrows”.

So, there is no denying the long historical legacy of the reverse mullet.

Resurgence in Pop Culture

Now that we know the long history of reverse mullet, the question is how did it enter the current pop culture scenario?

A version of the reverse mullet actually became quite common in the Emo subculture in the later part of the 1980s. However, they did not shorten the hair at the back that much. But, spiking the back hair started with them.

Around the 2000s, Emo culture, music, and fashion became pretty widespread.  Everyone now knows what an Emo hairstyle means. Reverse mullet started becoming more common because of them, and still quite a few Emo guys and girls are carrying this hairstyle.

The moment this hairstyle became known to everyone was when Kate Grosselin adopted this style in 2007. She appeared in a reverse mullet in the popular show Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Some really appreciated this bold and striking hairstyle, and some thought it was too much. Whatever the response might have been, this style pretty much became associated with her. It is still called “The Kate” by many.

In the later years, many celebrities have tried variations of this style with both successful and unsuccessful results.

For example, Rihanna has earned a lot of praise with her shorter reverse mullet. On the other hand, Drake’s interpretation of it on Instagram has baffled the fans.

Reverse mullet still might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about celebrity hair. But those who are brave enough to rock it, do carry it once in a while.

Should You Go for It?

Let’s tackle the important question now. Is this hairstyle for you? Well, it depends on a couple of things.

Firstly, it really is a bold and edgy hairstyle. If you are a bit conservative with your style and you want to keep things simple, it would probably be wise to not go for this one.

On the other hand, if you want to stand out in a crowd, and try something completely fresh and unique, then this one’s for you.

A big reason for choosing this style is that it’s not being adopted by a huge number of people. While people are copying what the celebrities are doing and chasing what is trendy, you can go on a different route and maybe become one of the pioneers of the next big thing.

Also, go for this style especially if you have short and straight hair. This style will work great on you.

One reason for avoiding it would be if you spend most of your day in a professional setting. It is understandable to worry whether this not-so-professional style will be welcomed by everyone or not.

You might come across the opinion that “The Kate” has become one of the ‘Karen’ hairstyles, and maybe you don’t want to be associated with that. But, that is just one way to style a reverse mullet.

You can come up with your own interpretation and completely own this style. In fact, keep reading and you will find some great suggestions on how to style and play with a reverse mullet.

DIY: How to Get a Reverse Mullet at Home?

You need to be a bit dexterous to give yourself this haircut. So, if you have not done it before, and you’re not confident that you can pull it off, then we would suggest going to a salon and getting it done professionally.

However, if you have given yourself haircuts before, and you are okay with trimmers and scissors, you can easily do it at home. Just follow this easy step-by-step method to save some hard-earned money and also get the hairstyle you want.

Step 1:

First, you have to wash and dry your hair. Make sure your hair has dried up properly. Use a blow dryer if needed. You should avoid cutting or styling your hair when it’s wet. You can comb your hair if it’s too frizzy. It will help in untangling and straightening your hair. That will make the later steps much easier.

Step 2:

Now, you need to decide how short you want your back hair to be. You can use scissors to keep it at a moderate length, or you can use an electric trimmer and make it really short as well. You also need to choose from where the hair will start becoming shorter. It is better to start right after the top part of your head. You can use clips to ensure the front hair does not get in the way.

Step 3:

Next, stand before a mirror in a way you can get a proper view. You can start cutting or trimming now. Start from the top and keep going down till you reach the end of the nape. Take your time and be steady. Remember to use the appropriate guard while using a trimmer to keep the hair at your desired size. It is completely okay to shave off the back entirely.

Step 4:

When you are satisfied with the back, you can concentrate on the front. There are a couple of things you can do. You can shorten the hair on one side to create a contrast, or keep it long as well. Create a side part with a comb if you want your front hair lying on one side. If you do not want hair coming down to your chin, you can shorten the front hair. You can also just go for a fringe. Or, just leave everything as it is at the front for a messier funky style.

Step 5:

Finally, you can use a hair product to style your hair. For example, you can apply hair mousse to create spikes on the back or play with your front hair as you like. This will help in styling and also keeping the style in place. You can use a light hairspray as well.  And, Voilà! You have successfully given yourself a reverse mullet haircut.

If you part your hair at the center, and you want to sweep it on one side now, we have a pro tip for you. Train your hair for a few weeks before going for this haircut. Just part your hair in the direction you want and keep it at its place using bobby pins. Keep doing it for a few weeks to make your life much easier.

How to Maintain a Reverse Mullet?

The easy answer is to go to a salon and get it done regularly by a professional. However, if you want to do it at home, then it depends on which type of reverse mullet you are carrying.

For example, if you have shaved off the entire back or the sides, then you have to shave it every 5-7 days to keep the style. Same goes for trimmed hair, then you need to regularly trim. You have to do nothing if you just decide to let it grow.

Also, a shaved head means your scalp is more exposed to the sun and the cold now. So, take precaution accordingly.

Do not forget the basics. Regularly wash and clean your hair with a shampoo. Use a moisturizer as well for better care. Otherwise, oil and dirt will remain stuck in your hair, and ruin any hairstyle.


Now all that is left is us dubbing you an expert on reverse mullet. From its history to current relevance, from the reasons to try this hairstyle to how to style it, you now have all the information you could possibly need.

There’s no harm in deciding not to adopt this hairstyle. You might not be in a situation to have such an unusual style.

However, if you can do it, we would suggest you do it. You might just become an early member of a really cool club by deciding to go for it.

Also, what’s life without a few experiments and adventures? Who knows which door this bold decision can open for you.

A reverse mullet is guaranteed to make a lot of heads turn, and people will definitely notice your hairstyle. So, be prepared for all the attention you are about to receive, and carry your hairstyle with confidence.

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