Taper Fade With Dreads

13 Striking Taper Fade with Dreads Hairstyles You Must Try Out

Fusing two hairstyles can sometimes be a risky business because they might not work well together. However, when it comes to a taper fade with dreads, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

This fusion style is a great example of how two different styles can bring out the best in each other and complement each other. That’s why this hairstyle has become one of the most popular styles for men in recent years.

You might be looking for a cool element to add to your dreads style, or you are about to embark on your dreads journey. We’ve got you covered either way and have something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into this style. We’d explain what this style exactly is and what are some exciting ways you can adopt this style. So, stick till the end to learn everything you need to know about taper fade with dreads.

What is a Taper Fade with Dreads?

Identifying Taper Fade With Dreads

Let’s break down the style first. You most probably are well aware of what dreads or dreadlocks are. It’s a hairstyle where you have hair strands like ropes.

You will need to have a coarse texture for your hair which you can achieve by applying locking, braiding, and other methods. You can check out this article to learn more about dreadlocks.

Now, let’s move on to the taper fade. It’s also called just a taper as well. Some people don’t even want to use the term “taper fade” because they think it’s very different from a fade.

Well, there are some similarities and dissimilarities between a taper and a fade. The similarity is that you will have shorter hair on the sides and the back in both styles.

The difference is that you can reveal your skin in a fade, which you won’t in a taper. Also, the hair shortens in a more gradual way in a taper, whereas your hair can be shortened drastically in a fade.

Taper fade with dreads is a hybrid of these two styles where you combine dreads with a taper fade. You just have to use an electric trimmer, attach the correct guard and then shorten the hair on the sides around your ears and at the back around your neckline.

It totally depends on you how long you want your dreads to be or how short you want your sides to be.

13 Striking Taper Fade with Dreads Styles for Men

There are many ways you can go for a taper fade with dreads style. In this section, we will present to you the 13 most striking variants of this style. You just need to read through this list and we guarantee you that you’d find a style that will attract you to try it out.

Lined Up Short Dreads with Taper

Lined Up Short Dreads With Taper

The first taper fade with dreads style on our list is for men who are still at the beginning phase of their dreads journey. It means that this style is for short dreads.

It might be a bit difficult for you to find a cool style for your short dreads because let’s be honest there aren’t too many. This style can be an easy and exciting solution to your problem.

First, you need to go for the lined up style. Make your front hairline as neat and as crisp as possible. Then, you have to add a mid or high taper. We are not recommending a low taper because these two will complement the lined up style more.

Long Swept Back Dreads with Taper

Long Swept Back Dreads With Taper

Now, let’s look at a style for longer dreads. This one’s for men with really long dreadlocks. We would like to first appreciate the fact that you are showing off your dreads with all their glory.

We want you to just add a disconnected mid taper to take your style to the next level. There is a reason why we are suggesting this particular taper fade.

It is difficult to show your taper fade if you have long dreads because they would cover your sides. So, you should just sweep back your long dreads and go for a disconnected taper so that the taper draws more attention to itself.

Neat Man Bun with Taper

Neat Man Bun With Taper

It’s time for another style for longer dreads. When it comes to dreads with a taper fade, you won’t find an easier and more effective style than this one.

Yes, we present to you the practical yet attractive man bun style. The neat man bun variation is our favorite where you take all your dreads and tie them softly at the back of your head. Then, you would add a mid or high taper and get a tidy look.

If you want something more carefree, you can let a couple of dreads out of your bun. That way, you can get a more laid back appearance.

Dread Hawk with Taper

Dread Hawk With Taper

This Viking-inspired taper fade with dreads style is probably the most intense style on our list. This style is guaranteed to give you a stern and striking appearance.

This style has two parts. First, there is the dread hawk or the Mohawk dreads. As you can guess from the name, it’s basically the Mohawk style with dreadlocks.  To get this style, you will have long dreads from the front to the upper crown area.

The rest of your hair will be tapered and much shortened. In this style, you can keep the shortening process gradual where your hair gets shorter as it goes down. Or, you can avoid it and have the same length all around.

Barrel Rolls with Taper

Barrel Rolls With Taper

Braiding your dreads is not only a great protective style, but it can also give you a dapper look. There are different types of braids that you can try out. We however are recommending you to try the barrel roll style with a taper fade.

Thanks to celebrities like Lil Baby, the barrel roll has become the hottest and the most popular braided hairstyle. It just gives you such a distinct look that everyone is bound to take a second look at your hairstyle.

You can go for the usual two rolls on the sides or you can have three rolls where you’d have one in the middle. Check out this video if you don’t know how to do barrel roll twists.

Half up Half down with Patterned Taper

Half Up Half Down With Patterned Taper

If standing out in a crowd is your goal, then this taper fade with dreads style is just for you. Trust us when we tell you that no one can ignore this hairstyle.

Let’s start with the half up half down part. You need to take your front dreads and tie them at the top of your head. You can leave the dreads at the back as they are, or you can tie them up as well.

Next, you have to incorporate a design of your choice into your taper. It can be simple and subtle stripes, or you can choose complex artistic patterns.

Side Swept Dreads with Taper

Side Swept Dreads With Taper

From a really extravagant style, let’s move on to something simpler. You can try out the side swept dreads with a taper fade style. It’s a really easy-to-get style, but with a huge impact.

You have to create a side partition first. Then, you have to sweep all your front and top dreads in the opposite direction. A few strands of dreads can even fall down to your forehead.

Then comes the part which is a constant in these styles. You have to add a taper. For this style, you can choose any type of taper you want. You can choose a high, mid, or low taper, it’s up to you.

Dyed Dreads with Taper

Dyed Dreads With Taper

It’s not a completely new idea to dye your dreads. However, it still remains a fresh style and it can never be boring because you get to decide what color you want.

The main idea is to leave out your taper fade. You can’t color that part. In fact, you should go for a high taper and keep your sides and the neckline really short.

You can dye your hair at the front, top, and crown area with any color of your choice. You can choose a color close to your natural hair color, or go for something completely different and vibrant.

Accessorized Braided Dreads with Taper

Accessorized Braided Dreads With Taper

We are back with another braided hairstyle. But, this time we have a new twist. You would braid your dreads and then accessorize your braids.

The best way to do it is to have a scalp braid style. You can have the ever-dependable cornrows or any other type of scalp braids. Just make sure that the braids are a little thick.

Finally, you have to add accessories to your braids. Beads always look amazing with braids. You can choose any other accessory as well, like hair rings. Do not forget about adding a mid taper to this style.

Dread Mullet with Taper

Dread Mullet With Taper

This is another unique hairstyle. It’s time to talk about the dread mullet or the “drullet” style. The very nature of this style makes it a suitable companion for a taper fade.

It has the same philosophy as a regular mullet. You will have business in the front and a party in the back. That means you will need shorter dreads on the front and long dreads on the back.

It’s already a fascinating style, but you can elevate it even more by adding a high taper. You can make the sides really short if you want to create a cool contrast.

Dreads Ponytail with Taper

Dreads Ponytail With Taper

A ponytail is a tricky style for men. Depending on your whole look, it can either be a hit or a miss. But, that is not a concern with dreads. Because dreads in a ponytail is always a hit style.

Take all your dreads and tie them up at the back of your head. Do not go for a tidy look, rather let the dreads flow wherever they want.

This unkempt vibe will give you a more attractive look. Also, apart from adding a mid taper, keep your front hairline crisp as well.

Two Toned Dreads with Taper

Two Toned Dreads With Taper

We have another suggestion for men who love to dye their hair. This style is especially recommended to men with short dreads.

You should definitely try out a two-toned style with your short dreads. You just have to dye the tips of your dreads. That will create an enticing contrast with your natural hair color.

This is a really easy way of carrying your short dreads in an appealing manner. Do not miss out on this style while your dreads are still short.

The Chaotic Tapered Dreads

The Chaotic Tapered Dreads

We are ending our list with a bang. This style is an amalgamation of a bunch of other styles from this list. We have taken elements from them and created this distinct style.

There is only one barrel roll in this style and it’s straight down the middle. At the end of the roll, the dreads are loose and free, almost like a ponytail.

These loose dreads are dyed and also accessorized with beads and hair rings. Finally, the high taper is patterned as well.

Final Words

We are now at the end of this article on taper fade with dreads. That must have been quite a list to go through. We have only offered you styles that are out of the box and have something exciting in them.

You can adopt any of these hairstyles and you’d be confident that you’re carrying a banging style. Also, we would like to remind you of the last style from our list again.

We didn’t include this style in our list just to show you a quirky and eccentric hairstyle. We also wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t be limited to the styles on your list.

You can always bring your own zing to these styles and use your own interpretations. You can also mix and match any of these styles.

So, our final suggestion for you would be that whatever you do with your hair, never make it boring. Always express yourself with confidence and without hesitation.

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