Channing Tatum Haircut

Channing Tatum Haircut: Everything You Wanted to Know

Channing Tatum is one of the Hollywood Heartthrobs who has been treated amongst the most famous public figures who is popular for his own hairstyle trend. Though his characters in the movies keep changing towards shorter hairstyles, it never caused any effect on his haircut fame despite the media believing that he had been losing some volume on his head.

He started to manage the spotlight from his earlier movies by his remarkably stylish and fashionable haircuts. Later, his hairstyle in different Hollywood movies became a motivation to thousands of men. You’ll find them very elegant, whether they have a buzz type cut, a group cut, shaved crown, or a bald spot.

Moreover, you will surely love to get inspired by Channing’s motivation towards these hairstyles where there is a rumor that he shaves his head after every film. Let’s explore the truth!

Does He Shave His Head After Every Movie?

In Hollywood, you often see the actors and actresses switch their hairstyle in different movies or tv shows. And their iconic hairstyles get popular and become a trend soon among the people. But the way Tatum switches his hairstyles is a bit different.

There had been a rumor within the social media that Channing Tatum shaves his entire head after every movie he finishes. And you’ll be amazed to know that he himself confirmed this and he does this as only as a fashion choice. Moreover, he thinks of it as a ritual too.

Yes, he actually dies as a ritual for his acting. He thinks that the hairstyle that he got for the movie set is only confined to that particular movie. Thus he switches his personality from a movie character and enters the real world personality again by shaving his head to the bald.

After one of his movies, Tatum being the actor, when the production was wrapped up to the end, he decided that he should switch his character from the movie named “Dog” which was on air in 2021.

Channing Tatum, a Hollywood actor, will be directing in a film as a character named Brigs, who is a former army veteran who had been going on a trip with his dog named Lulu for the funeral of his friend who was a soldier too.  And this time, he again shaved his head to let go off the hairstyle as a part of his acting ritual that he has been always maintaining.

8 Different Channing Tatum Hairstyle Ideas

If Channing Tatum would accept his fans to send letters to him, most of the letters would say that they are very much impressed by his hairstyle.

With his impressive and fashionable hair styling ideas, you can also get an astounding look too.

From a stunning Buzz cut to a Crew cut with the Spikes and Slick Back, you see a ton of variation with his short hair. Here is a bunch of hairstyles especially chosen for you according to his movies time by time in the following section. Aren’t you feeling excited?

Shaved Buzz Cut in CoachCarter 2005

Shaved Buzz Cut in Coach Carter 2005

Without a doubt, the actor loves this hairdo the most. We have visual proof that he has been wearing it since he was in high school, at the very least. Near to Bald, this shaved buzz in the movie Coach Carter in 2005 worn by Tatum had been so popular among the young.

For getting this hairstyle, you are simply going to trim your hair to zero all along your head and you are done. Keep in mind, though this Shaved Buzz cut fits well on round or oval shaped heads. But if you are really loving it, you can go for it. This hairstyle will not at least look bad on any.

Forward Pointed Crop Cut in Step Up 2006

Forward Pointed Crop Cut in Step Up 2006

Channing Tatum’s haircut has been widely considered as one of the most popular hairstyles that prevail within Hollywood. The hairstyle you can see above is so romantic that you would love to sport it on your head. This one is a gorgeous forward pointed Crop cut.

His sides are faded and a significant part of his hair is layed down in the front part which may give you a feel like fresh and sharp crops on the hair field.

To get this haircut, you need to visit your barber as you know that short hair styling needs an expert hand. Ask him to add a short taper on your sides and your rest of the buzz hairs will be following down at the forehead.

MacArthur in “Fighting” 2009 with Outgrown Buzz Cut

MacArthur in Fighting 2009 with Outgrown Buzz Cut

Were you looking for a short haired channing tatum haircut with a more stylish look? This is the one you might be looking for. He sported this astounding look on his hair long back in 2009 when he usually loved a bit of long hair in the movie Fighting acting as MacArthur.

What’s more interesting! He wiped out his MacArthur look soon after the production was set off as usually he does and thinks it as a ritual about his hairstyle as you all know. You will surely love this to be wearing on your head.

A Pompadour in The Son of No One 2011

A Pompadour in the Son of No One 2011

Do you know what a pompadour haircut is? The name Pompadour actually is related to a long way back in history. It had been named after Madame de Pompadour and she was the mistress of King Louis XV from France.

With this pompadour, you can use any shaver length on the sides. Here, Tatum went for a shorter pompadour brushed at the back for his policeman look!

You can either have a long pompadour or a shorter one like Tatum had in this movie. It actually depends upon your preference. You can have your own.

An Undercut in the Movie Magic Mike 2012

An Undercut in the Movie Magic Mike 2012

Look at this macho character in the Movie Magic Mike which was first aired in 2012. A simple undercut was always his favorite and if he can make it on a movie, then it’s way more good for him. But anyways, he will eventually shave his head right?

And you will surely love to wear this way too sporty and professional look on your head too! You should see your barber soon for such an elegant looking hairstyle.

Messy Faux Hawk in Jupiter Ascending 2015

Messy Faux Hawk in Jupiter Ascending 2015

To get this veteran messy Faux Hawk on your hair, you are going to meet your barber soon.

It’s so simple to style but can be tricky too. You are going to have spiky short tips which will be held up at the front to upheld a veteran personality throughout your haircut. And you should really consider wearing this style at least once in the future.

Ask your hairstylist for tapers at the sides where your hair won’t be way too short that meets the skin. Your rest of the hair will gradually get shorter from front to back. That’s all for your upcoming hairstyle if you loved it.

Side Parted and Side Fades in Logan Lucky 2017

Mid Length Side Swept in Logan Lucjy 2017

Still confused to choose a Channing Tatum Haircut for you? Maybe shorter hairstyles are not buying you. If you are looking for a shoulder-length Tatum hairstyle, this can be your next go to hairstyle.

And if you love him and have mid-length hair too, you will also love to put this on your head too. And for this Logan Lucky movie look that aired in 2017. His peripheral hair is not too long like at the front which is parted at the sides. But you can have your own changes within this hairstyle.

Flowy Straight Blonde Hair The Lost City 2022

Flowy Straight Blonde Hair The Lost City 2022

Last, but not the least, you are seeing the most long hair Tatum ever worn. This is from the movie The lost city and this is the most recent movie that has been on the show. This movie is from 2022. This is straight, this is flowy. You should add this blonde hairstyle to your to-do style in the near future.

For this hairdo, you should visit your hairstylist. You can download this photo and ask him to clone it on your hair. This type of Thor-like straight hairstyles has already become a modern day trend. And Tatum is a trend himself.

More Channing Tatum Haircut That You will Love

If you are not done yet and want to discover more Channing Tatum hairstyles to wear on your head, then no fear, we’re here! With your short hair, you can try many of the majestic styles and you would love to know that Tatum covers almost all of them.

In the following section, we are going to show you more Channing Tatum hairstyle ideas which you would surely love to sport on your hair. With no more delay, let’s dive into them!

Blonde Tatum Skin Buzz Cut

Blonde Tatum Skin Buzz Cut

A Buzz cut is often seen within the male actors of Hollywood. Especially the actors who got popular for their shorter hairstyle trends, they are seen to sport a Buzz cut on their head. And Channing Tatum is no exception. But a Blonde Skin Buzz can set the difference!

If you are onto it, trim your hair all along with a trimmer setting it into its second mark and you are done. It’s so simple that you can get this hairstyle often if you love to get a Buzz cut too!

Channing Tatum Buzz Cut with Taper

Channing Tatum Buzz Cut with Taper

Tapers and Fades have been the most popular way of styling hair in this modern era. Even women are adapting to such kinds of haircuts combined with other styles. This hairstyle that you can see in this photo can be an inspiration to look more presentable for you. With a low taper at the sides, he looks extraordinarily presentable.

Brushed Layers at Back with Undercut

Brushed Layers at Back with Undercut

Channing Tatum loved to style his hair with fades at the sides or at the back. Slicking back his larger volumes rather than the fades was his next idea. And what’s more interesting is this hairstyling method of Tatum got popular time by time.

You can meet your barber soon for such an undercut and larger volumes brushed at the back of your crown. I assure you this after getting on your hair.

Tatum Side Parted Skin Fades

Tatum Side Parted Skin Fades

As always! Fades are his most favorite. But a fade that crosses the hairline all the way up is not a usual Tatum type haircut. With his side parted long hair tips at one side combined with a high Skin Taper, he looks out of this world for sure. You can also sport such a handsome look on yours too. You are going to look outstanding.

Slicked Back Side Parted Hairstyle

Slicked Back Side Parted Hairstyles

Slicked back parting at one side, all in one hairstyle. Doesn’t it seem interesting? This is the most popular trend during the 90’s. Till this present time, it has evolved to a more elegant looking and sophisticated way like you can see Tatum is wearing on his head. This hairstyle can end up getting an extremely professional appearance in your day to day life.

Final Words

So, how has your Channing Tatum Hairstyle tour been? Are you really planning on one of the styles for your upcoming hairstyle? Surely you can try any one out of them.

There are plenty of options if you want to try a Channing Tatum hairstyle. Most of his collections are an inspiration for modern men. These include a clipper cutting, Buzz cut, crew cut, a pompadour, tapers and fades and what not!

So, how has your Channing Tatum Hairstyle tour been? Are you really planning on one of the styles for your upcoming hairstyle? Surely you can. He always loved to emphasize his sporty personality and his standing as an actor who enjoys action movies.

Let us know which of these suggestions was your favorite and why in the comments section below.

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