Dean Winchester Haircut

Dean Winchester Haircut: 12 Exceptional Hairstyles Of The Character From Supernatural!

Jensen Ackles is an American actor who is currently rising to prominence due to his contribution as one of the main cast members on The Boys, a superhero television series that made its debut in 2020. While his fanbase will grow in size due to his current role as a superhero, Jensen Ackles got his first breakthrough for portraying Dean Winchester on Supernatural; a role that gradually made him a household name.

Dean Winchester wasn’t just a recurring character on Supernatural for a whopping 15 years, but was a prominent face in the franchise. While Jensen’s charisma as Dean Winchester surely played a huge role behind his likeable personality and positive impact in television history, another primary aspect behind Dean’s appeal was the haircut that he had; which we will thoroughly cover in this article.

In addition to unveiling all the ways in which you can wear Dean Winchester’s haircut, we will also take a closer look at all the appealing hairstyles Jensen Ackles wore over the years when he wasn’t filming an episode of Supernatural.

While sticking around until the end is compulsory for all the fanboys of the dark fantasy tv show, you may also stay back and hold tight if you want to give your hair styling routine a fresh start!

12 Glorious Hairstyles Of Jensen Ackles That You Should Try Out Today!

Before we unveil the best scoop on the steps you’ll have to follow for creating Dean Winchester’s fohawk fade, here’s a list featuring every hairstyle that actor Jensen Ackles implemented and experimented with over the course of his career, which commenced in the late 90s.

Since Jensen Ackles has coarse hair with a Norwood 0 hairline, a lot of the following variants might cater to those with a similar hair type and texture. However, since full-on replication is never a mandatory requirement, you should go ahead and check the below-mentioned without worrying too much!

Laid Back Hazel Flow

Laid Back Hazel Flow

After the pandemic hit in 2020, Jensen Ackles started growing his hair out. Eventually, he too joined the bro flow gang once he landed a role in The Boys.

This natural bro flow suits Jensen Ackles because of the widow’s peak he has, but can also be a suitable look to try out if you’re searching for a mature hairstyle.

While maintaining the hair could be a bit difficult due to its length, this laid back bro flow could be an excellent way to beat the awkward phases thanks to the healthy strands this look comprises.

Messy Caesar Cut

Messy Caesar Cut

While the popularity of this look wasn’t as impactful as most of the designs on this list, Ackles also wore a messy caesar cut for a brief period of time. Unlike most caesar cuts that exist today, the layout of his look had moderately grown out sides, which can cater to casual gatherings in this day and age.

To maintain the healthy appearance of this look, make sure to keep the strands as soft as possible through moisturization. Condition your scalp every time you wash your hair, and shampoo it twice a week.

Classic Greasy Side Part

Classic Greasy Side Part

Another look that Jensen Ackles wore for a while was a polished side part comb over, which could very well cater to your preferences if you’re in your mid 20s and in the corporate industry.

While it does look better with a beard, it can even blend it with a cleanly shaven face. All you have to do is create the side part when the hair is damp, and introduce the shiny texture with the help of a water based hair product.

Choppy Textured Quiff

Choppy Textured Quiff

If you’re searching for something that will make your coarse hair a bit more cooperative and allow your uneven layers to be messy yet perfectly tucked in, try giving this choppy textured quiff a go.

Sure, creating this look could be the farthest thing from effortless due to the amount of products and manoeuvres your hairstylist might have to implement. However, once the procedure has been dealt with, you will get a look that will offer you style as well as elegance.

In various cases, this hairdo can be a great way to give your current man bun a new change!

Dean Winchester’s Haircut

Dean Winchesters Haircut

This is the look you have all been waiting for. This thickened yet textured haircut shouldn’t just help you with taking a trip down memory lane, but is one of the many reasons that made Jensen Ackles a heartthrob as Dean Winchester.

The densely packed definition of this design can be the perfect look to incorporate if you want to alter your face shape and make your facial structure a bit more flattering. It can also be a hairstyle that you can pair with any and every possible outfit.

Additionally, if you do want to learn how to create the look at home or with the help of a hairdresser, skip through to the next segment that comprises a step-by-step tutorial for Dean Winchester’s haircut.

Cropped Faux Hawk

Cropped Faux Hawk

Cropped haircuts can bring out the best in your hair at times. If you love wearing thick hairdos that look playful at the same time, you should definitely try out this cropped faux hawk that Jensen Ackles, also known as Dean Winchester, had right before he landed his role on Supernatural.

Due to how easy it is to take care of, this look could be a great option to consider. While the ends are slightly trimmed on the sides with a 4 number guard, you can even try pairing the faux hawk with a taper fade around the sides to increase the appeal of the design.

Frosted Tips

Frosted Tips

Justin Timberlake wasn’t the only one who gave in to the movement of wearing frosted tips. In fact, Jensen Ackles did too, and he did so at around the same time!

Unlike Justin’s curl enhanced top, Jensen’s frontal region featured an uneven middle parted comb over, which can easily be a good look to consider if low maintenance hairdos intrigue you.

Just like the previous hairdo, the frosted tips are meant for casual gatherings, and excel under the heat of summer.

Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe

A messy fringe was also a go-to option for Jensen Ackles for a short time. He wore this look shortly after starring on Dawson’s Creek for a couple of seasons. Although its volume could surely be a dealbreaker in the eyes of some, this messy fringe could work wonders for you if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into styling your hair.

If you do want some elevation, however, you can always exchange the sides of this look for a 2 on the sides. If you need visuals, skim through our article on Noah Beck’s haircut.

Dishevelled Slick Back

Dishevelled Slick Back

For those that don’t know, Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas. Why is it relevant in this article, you ask? Well, because he always wore shorter haircuts back in the day during the unbearable summer days in Dallas, such as this one right here!

This uneven curtain style slick back can even be worn today in monumental fashion. All you need to do is create the look and seal the hold with water based hair pomade and gel, and secure the firmness of the formation with some hairspray.

90s Curtains

90s Curtains


Wearing 90s curtains was definitely one of the biggest movements in pop culture history. Legends like Leonardo DiCaprio surely took the trend to new heights . Another prominent figure, however, was none other than Jensen Ackles.

The hair was all about its layers and voluminous nature back then, which could adapt rather fairly with the current hairstyles that are taking the fashion scene by storm.

Although Jensen didn’t need anything but a comb and his head full of hair to create this look, those that have finer hair than him can replicate the look easily by following any one of the techniques that is used to create an eBoy hairstyle!

Casual Mullet

Casual Mullet

Since Jensen Ackles is a 70s boy afterall, he definitely didn’t miss out on the trend of wearing mullets a decade later. In fact, he even gave into that trend, with this very haircut!

The healthy visuals of the look is probably the biggest selling point. While it isn’t as voluminous as most of the mullets that were created around that time, the layers that fall on his face is a component that no one can perhaps replicate, ever.

Another big element that makes this look so appealing is the fact that it was created without a hair product; which means that it was natural and chemical free the entire time!

Disconnected Undercut With A Side Part

Disconnected Undercut With A Side Part

While most of his hairstyles revolved around the curtain shaped hairline that he has, Jensen Ackles also paired his side part with a disconnected undercut for a while.

This hairdo is great for various reasons. The undercut gives the hair on top tons of elevation and makes thick strands more cooperative to change. That’s not all, however, the skin fade also creates enough room for your facial hair and the distinct traits of your facial structure to stand out without taking up the spotlight.

Create The Dean Winchester Haircut Using These Simple Steps Today!

If skimming through the above-mentioned list didn’t even leave a dent on the loyalty you have for Dean Winchester’s haircut, consider this segment as the ultimate prize! Even though mimicking Dean’s look to the fullest will require your hair to have the same amount of density as Jensen Ackles’, you can definitely look into the following steps if you want to create the next best version to the fauxhawk fade that the Supernatural character wore for a decade and a half!

Use A Number 3 Guard To Create The Fade

Creating a 3 on the sides is mandatory for this look and probably the second most difficult portion to create. A number 3 guard is typically used up until the middle region of the temple is reached. In addition to making the length on top a bit more manageable, this design creates a disconnection between the hair and the face, which could be an additional bonus for your facial hair!

Blend The Remaining Portion Of The Sides With A Pair of Scissors

Once the previous step has been carried out, create blends around the upper portion of the temple to make the hairdo a bit weightless, and give the visuals a natural feel. If your hairdresser isn’t as experienced, ask them to use a clipper to create a 4 on the sides cut; a look we’ve thoroughly discussed in another article.

Use Thinning Shears All Over Frontal Region

If you feel that your hair is thick enough to replicate Dean Winchester’s haircut, introduce some control over the texture of your hair by using a pair of thinning shears. Doing so will thin out the excessively thick strands of hair and make them more gullible to manipulate; which will make the styling process much easier.

On the other hand, if your hair is on the finer end and slightly fragile, you may skip this step and move on to the next step.

Introduce The Texture and Finish The Look With Styling Paste

After thinning out the edges on the sides by a minor portion, take a dime sized amount of hair clay to style your hair with an endless amount of texture. Run the product through the strands between the frontal and middle region while the hair is still damp and scrunch the hair to form the healthy texture of Dean Winchester’s faux hawk.

Additionally, if you want to enhance the appearance of the hairstyle with a glossy appearance, use a water based styling pomade instead of using hair clay while your hair is slightly wet.

BONUS Material: Here’s a video that you can take guidance from when creating Dean Winchester’s haircut if you happen to be a visual learner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve gone through every useful piece of information available regarding Jensen Ackles’ hair and learned everything that you need to for creating Dean Winchester’s haircut, here are some questions regarding Jensen Ackles’ hair that you can go through for more trivial information!

What is Jensen Ackles’ natural hair colour?

Jensen Ackles’ natural hair colour is brown.

What is Dean Winchester’s haircut called?

Dean Winchester’s haircut is commonly called a textured fauxhawk, but is also known as a short textured haircut in some places. Although it can be created by anyone who is confident enough, this look mainly benefits those with round faces, as the textured volume gives the face a slimming effect.

Final Takeaway

Overall, we hope this article gives you enough information regarding Dean Winchester’s haircut, which would have ceased to exist if Jensen Ackles wouldn’t have worn it first!

Whether you’re a fan of Supernatural or just a person with a good taste in fashion, you can always look into Jensen Ackles’ haircuts, specifically the Dean Winchester haircut, if you want to present your hair in a favourable way.

If his signature look doesn’t grow on you, however, you can also pick between the rest of the hairstyles that Jensen Ackles tried out over the past two and decades if you want to keep your options open.

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