Fade Haircuts For Women

25 Unflinching Fade Haircuts For Women In 2023

Women’s hairstyles have come a long way since the era of being meek and genteel to the present days of going daring and unique. Fade haircuts for women are one of the trendiest secrets to showing off all the confidence you have!

If you are a fearless lady who does not want to settle for boring and common hairstyles, you have come to the right place. Because we have collected the coolest hairstyles for you to experiment with!

Have a look at our list of top-notch fades and choose your own signature hairstyle, with an FAQ section that clarifies all the doubts that you may have regarding this exquisitely unique hairstyle!

Must-Try Fade Haircuts For Women In 2023!

In this section, you’ll find some of the most remarkable and iconic fade haircuts that every woman can try out and be on top of the trending hairstyles of the contemporary world!

Short Layered Bob

Short Layered Bob

This short layered bob hairstyle might look pretty basic for a fade cut but it will flaunt your feminine charm just as elegantly as a queen!

It is almost like a two-block haircut with a layered top and a faded bottom. The thinned end of the surface layers will embrace the curve of the skull while the bottom part will create a shaped base. A subtle fade at the nape will merge everything together and make the hairstyle look seamless and elegant.

So get this hairstyle as it is an excellent option if you are concerned about being unprofessional!

Full Blonde Pixie With Faded Bottom

Full Blonde Pixie With Faded Bottom

This full blonde pixie haircut is a perfect example of how upgraded your hairstyle can be just by adding a fade at the end of the head!

Short bangs at the front accentuate your eyebrows, and the blonde pixie at the top adds volume to the crown. The fades at the neck and around the ears will instantly enhance your short pixie haircut and make it look much more groomed.

So go for this super sophisticated fade hairstyle and show off your perfectly balanced feminine and badass charm!

Undercut Fade On One Side

Undercut Fade On One Side

If you want to go for a bit of an edgy hairstyle, this one-sided fade can be the perfect match!

It is almost like a pixie haircut with longer side-swept bangs at one side and shaved with a fade at the other. For this hairstyle, you need to decide where you want your part to be, as you will not be changing your part for a while. You can also try dying your hair with darkened roots so that it accentuates the fades even more.

This hairstyle will surely make you look like a super cool character from a cyberpunk game!

African Buzz Cut With A Line-up And Fade

African Buzz Cut With A Line Up And Fade

This chic buzz cut with a lineup will look fly if you have natural African hair! Even with extremely short hair, your haircut will have a textured pattern. And to complement those freestyle curves, a sharp lineup at the hairline will make everything fall into the right places.

The buzz cut fades into number zero shaving all around the head, making your hairstyle look nice and neat.

Go for this debonair buzz fade this summer for an extra splash of coolness!

Blonde Top Afro With A Designed Fade

Blonde Top Afro With A Designed Fade

This superior afro hairstyle is the epitome of style! Even with a beautiful orange golden afro at the top, the main focus falls on the fade at the sides.

A lineup design that includes the composite of straight and curved lines not only accentuates your side profile but also frames the afro at the top.

If you want to focus on your jawline and cheekbones, this hairstyle will be your best friend!

Take this fade haircut for women both to the elegant wine party and to the friendly beer party!

Orange Spikes With Number Zero Fade

Orange Spikes With Number Zero Fade

This terrific unisex fade haircut will glorify your androgynous charm! The fade begins from even above the temple line and ends at number zero shave all around the head.

The main focus of the hairstyle is the spikes at the top that add to the height and volume of the hair. With complete ninety-degree spikes at the front, your forehead will receive an extra spotlight. Try going for a fiery orange or reddish hair color with this hairstyle for a flame-like effect. Burn all the negativities around with this smoking hot fade hairstyle!

Girl Crush Back Brush

Girl Crush Back Brush

As you can see that this supreme back brush hairstyle is worn by the goddess of a girl crush, Ruby Rose, you will surely sleep in peace knowing you have this hairstyle now!

This fade-back brush is a combination of a lot going on! As if an undercut with lineups that sharply catch the eye, and a fluffy yet slightly damp back brush were not enough, Rose added a side fade with more sharp lineups.

This hairstyle is a surefire way to receive praises from the ladies and we all know getting compliments from another lady matters more!

Bright Green With A Curved Divider

Bright Green With A Curved Divider

This phenomenal hairstyle mostly depends on the color of the hair, but even if you wear this on your natural hair, you will look just as badass!

With short hair at the top and the back, the fade at the sides starts from the temple with a curve. A half-circle lineup right at the place where the fade starts will highlight the curved fade even more.

In addition to all this, if you manage to combine a bright color like this sea green with your natural black hair, your hairstyle will surely go popping!

Spiked Mohawk Mullet With Designed Sides

Spiked Mohawk Mullet With Designed Sides

Ladies, this rocking hairstyle is too terrific but only if you have enough guts! It is a mix of a bold, spiky mohawk mullet and designed fades at the sides.

The slightly longer, upward spikes emphasize the part where shorter hair at the sides introduces the fade. And the fade is a marvel on its own with a sharply designed lineup. To top it all, silver or platinum hair dye with dark roots adds dimension to the hairstyle.

So go for this punk rock fade haircut for women if you have nothing to fear!

Short Aqua Undercut With Fins

Short Aqua Undercut With Fins

If you want to rewrite the definition of a mermaid, then try this sublime aqua undercut with short hair!

This is mainly a basic short undercut that has slightly longer hair at the back. The undercut merges to the neck with a shaped fade at the back and the sides.

Apart from the beautiful, beachy aqua color overall, the key attraction is the fin-like lineups right behind the ears. The soothing hue will emit an aura of the calming ocean through you.

With this hairstyle, everyone will wonder if you are a mermaid from the distant future!

A Blue Feather At The Back

A Blue Feather At The Back

This is a super unique hairstyle that is tranquilizing and wild at the same time! The bright blue all over the head can never be anything other than pacifying.

However, that blue can radiate an intense fever when it is combined with spikes at one half and a designed feather at the back!

Dye the feather with a slightly darker shade of blue to make it stand out even more. It also adds dimension to the sea of pool blue. Add this fade hairstyle to your list to immediately achieve double the charm!

Two-Block Tomboy Undercut

Two Block Tomboy Undercut

This hairstyle might fall into the tomboy category, but depending on the styling it will look exceptionally chic and polished!

It is a basic undercut on golden blonde hair but adding fine layers at the top will make the hairstyle more voluminous and in shape.

Keeping slightly longer bangs at the front makes the overall image more elegant. The faded undercut goes from number one to zero, which is perfect for adding a snazzy splash to the sophistication.

So add this to your hairstyle now to achieve a unique feminine charm that is different from the definition!

Mohawk Short Ponytail

Mohawk Short Ponytail

This super swag mohawk with a ponytail might be the perfect fit for you! It is similar to a basic undercut but the hair at the top should be kept long enough to make a ponytail.

We recommend keeping the undercut at least at fade number two so that the skin is not harshly bare considering how the mohawk has less scope for creating textures when in a ponytail. You can add a mix of grey blonde and dark roots to add depth.

Nevertheless, if you wear this hairstyle, it will definitely clear everyone out of your path for you!

Ponytail With An Undercut

Ponytail With An Undercut

This undercut with long hair is a foolproof way of trying out fades for the first time! It has long hair at the top half and a downright faded undercut at the bottom.

You can tie the hair onto a ponytail to show off the badass side, or you can wear your hair down to hide it while going to work.

This haircut can also be a great option for those who have very thick hair and want to lose some of the mass for better control. So try this handy hairstyle and get the best of both worlds!

Top Bun With Designed Undercut At Back

Top Bun With Designed Undercut At Back

This unique fade hairstyle will be the perfect life hack for you! With long hair at the top, trimming some of the hair at the neck will spice up your hairstyle in a smart way.

It will keep your regular hairstyle unaffected but will surely give everyone a surprise when you wear a top bun. It is a nice way for losing a little bit of mass if your thick hair gets annoying.

Go crafty with the designed lineup on your fade and impress everyone with your creativity!

Braid At The Back With Undercut

Braid At The Back With Undercut

This hairstyle is a great option if you want to look fancy from the back! Keeping the hair long gives you countless options for hair up-dos. But if you have a designed fade at the nape it will flash up your hairstyle every time you wear an up-do.

This backward braid with a bun at the top will put focus on your fade design even more while adding a touch of elegance to your hairstyle.

So opt for this hairstyle to keep singularity, sophistication, and practicality in the same bag!

Undercut With Bangs

Undercut With Bangs

This super dope undercut with bangs will surely solve all of the problems in your life!

Short bob haircuts can feel thick, unmanageable, and unwantedly voluminous if not thinned out properly. Faded undercuts with a short bob are a great option for managing your hair.

Bangs at the front will add a youthful charm to your look and take away any unnecessary attention at the front.

With cute bangs at the front, everyone will surely receive a friendly snap when they get a glance at the back!

Short A-Line Bob With A Peek Of Fade

Short A Line Bob With A Peek Of Fade

If you want to go considerably mild on the fade but still want something different, then this hairstyle can be a voguish option for you!

It is mainly a short A-line bob with a slight touch of seasoning at one side. Only the small section that you tuck in behind your ears at one side is trimmed into a mild scissor fade.

With a short A-line bob that is parted on one side, this fade style will blend perfectly while keeping the overall image far from being unprofessional.

Go for this super chic hairstyle that will show everyone who the boss lady is!

Honey Mohawk With Spiral Designs

Honey Mohawk With Spiral Designs

This hairstyle depends a lot on how well you can execute it, but we believe you are here because you have that tenacity!

It focuses on the spiral design on one side over an undercut fade. The top part is styled as a mohawk that is spiked in the opposite direction. Try to create volume only at the roots and allow the weight of the hair to do its job. They will naturally fall to the back and the front like side bangs.

If you think you have a great side profile, then it would be a shame not to consider this fade hairstyle!

Half Shaved With Long Side locks

Half Shaved With Long Side Locks

This fade hairstyle is the ultimate combination of cyberpunk and avant-garde!

It has a short fade only on one side and long hair on the rest of the head. But the key point is a long lock kept untrimmed at the faded side.

On the other side, a volume layer cut is swept with even more volume at the roots. A mixture of metallic blue and silver shades adds a punch of futuristic energy to the style.

This fade hairstyle is a guaranteed lottery for turning every head on the street!

Metallic Mauve Side-Swept A-Line

Metallic Mauve Side Swept A Line

If you are a fan of the pastel haute couture vibe, then this metallic mauve side-swept bob will be a sublimely classy match!

A-line bob parted at one side keeps the hairstyle more on the polished, businessy side. While a trimmed fade at one side adds balance to the long side-swept bangs at the front.

A metallic blonde shade that is similar to this mauve will upgrade this hairstyle to the next level. With dark roots and a mattified, neutral-toned palette, this hairstyle will give you a cool, mature look!

Deep Green Hair With Two-Step Fade

Deep Green Hair With Two Step Fade

This deep green hairstyle with a two-step fade at the back might be your jam!

A haircut that is similar to a two-block at the top is dyed in a deep shade of teal green. While at the back, a part of the two-block is kept black and the bottom part is chopped into a sharp low fade.

You can keep the hair at the top and style the bangs in a slightly messy way to match the melancholic vibe of the forest green.

Go for this cool hairstyle if you want your fashion to match well with the emo spirit!

Designed Fade At One Corner

Designed Fade At One Corner

This super hip fade hairstyle will definitely pass you on the creativity check!

It is mainly an uncomplicated short haircut overall except for a wave of fade added toward the bottom left corner. To ornament the fade, groom it to your favorite tattoo design like in this picture. Geometrical shapes can be eye-pleasing and make the hairstyle look super artsy.

This will instantly flash up even the most basic short haircut. So, if you are bored with your short hair, try this look right now and upgrade from level one to a hundred real quick!

Sleek Emo Bangs With Asymmetric Fade

Sleek Emo Bangs With Asymmetric Fade

These sleek emo bangs are the most quirky haircut everyone around you will see in their lifetime!

With long side-swept bangs at the front and short hair at the back, it is already ultra-modern as it is. In addition, the shorter side of the part is boldly trimmed into an asymmetric two-step fade in a curved shape that merges with the shorter hair at the back.

And as a cherry on top, the sleek look with a clean part adds a futuristic vibe to the look. Everyone will assume you are a character from a science fiction movie!

Cheetah Print On Faded Pink

Cheetah Print On Faded Pink

This fade hairstyle will undoubtedly crown you like the most fashionable individual in your area!

For this hairstyle, you need to have a top mohawk with scissor fade all around it. Dye your hair in platinum blonde and tint the roots into bright pink. With the pink shade, create a gradient and paint cheetah prints all over the fade.

To achieve a better result, take your hair to as the light of a shade as you can. The whiter your hair is, the more lucid the prints will be. Now walk around showing off how dauntless you can be!


Let’s take a look at some of the commonly asked questions regarding fade haircuts for women over the internet to gain a better understanding!

Q: Will I look good with a fade haircut?

Ans: To determine whether you would look good in a fade haircut, you would have to consider the skin tone of your scalp, your face, and your neck. If they have consistency, then you will easily rock any fade hairstyles. But if they do not match and are contrasting tones, then you may consider going for scissor trim fades that do not expose the skin of the scalp too much.

Q: Which fade haircut is best suited for women?

Ans: It depends on the vibe you want to go for. If you want bolder and braver looks try to go for high fade hairstyles with short hair. If you want a milder version, all-purpose fade, you can try scissor fades and undercuts with longer hair. Take a look at our hand-picked collection of different fade hairstyles and choose the one that inspires you the most!

Q: Is undercut and fade the same?

Ans: Undercut and fade can seem very similar to each other but there is a clear difference. Undercuts have a noticeable contrast between the longer hair at the top and the shorter hair at the bottom and sides. Fades, on the other hand, gradually blend into the skin toward the peripheral areas of the head. While they are both different haircuts, you can experiment and combine the two of them together to create your signature hairstyle!

Q: Is a fade haircut unprofessional?

Ans: There are some fade hairstyles that can be deemed unprofessional, and some that can be considered harmless for professionalism. Any hairstyle that has a bold and striking image is unprofessional. If you need to stay polished for your work, then we recommend choosing a milder version of the fade hairstyle that can be styled with a certain sophistication.

Q: Which face shape suits a fade hairstyle the most?

Ans: An oval face shape will look good in any fade hairstyle. If you have a rounder face, try to go for a drop fade that focuses more on the top and makes your face appear longer. On the other hand, if you have an oblong or long face shape, it would be best to go for low fades and hairstyles that have faded on one side.

Q: How long does it take for a fade to grow out?

Ans: Everyone has a different hair growth rate. On average, hair grows around one centimeter per month. Depending on the length of your fade, it might take at least two to three months before you can opt for a different haircut.

Final Verdict

Believe it or not, fade haircuts for women are an extremely bold decision for anyone in 2022! However, only the daring ones can set the tradition for good! With this hairstyle, you can be unique, you can be singular, and you can be your favorite fictional lady crush!

These overall low-maintenance hairstyles are certainly on their way to becoming your most prominent picks once you find the comfort they offer so generously. So, be the daredevil who changes the standard of women’s hairstyles in the coming days, and while you are at it, receive the entire spotlight that you deserve!

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