25 Hard Part Haircuts To Appear Bold & Manly In 2024

Reaching for the epitome of masculinity is a dream for many, and there aren’t many easy ways of getting to that position as it often demands facing tough challenges.

However, getting a hard part haircut is a cheat trick to work around these hurdles and render yourself as one of the most masculine individuals in the area.

Such a concept focuses on sharpness and provides you with an enhancement on your look overall.

A beard into the mix or a neat dress up routine can completely alter you from the previous style into a modish man with delicate taste.

Many of the styles I’ve put on display are great for corporate spaces, classrooms, weekend parties and much more, so there’s one for each of you!

To top it off, I’ll even share my easiest method which can save you some bucks and teach you to style your own hard part haircut, so stick around till the end!

What’s A Hard Part Haircut?

A hard part is exactly what it sounds like – there is to be a partition in the hair that’s not subtle at all. Thus, hard part haircut refers to every hairdo which contains a hard part as a major feature.

Basically, this is achieved by using a trimmer to widen the exposed hairline so that it draws focus apart from the rest of the hair.

It’s a highly masculine aspect in hair styling, so men who hope to be desirable and stress on the fact that they’re tasteful, it could be an easy solution for them!

Dashing Hard Part Haircut Ideas You Must Try!

From a wide array of designers, barbers and customers I’ve had myself, I managed to isolate these 25 haircuts to be of prime quality that anyone can apply to their look!

Classic Hard Part With Stubble

Classic Hard Part with Subtle

If I must discuss a hard part haircut with you, it’s my obligation to start from the most classic and standard design. This concept is such an instance that sticks precisely to the original aesthetics by trimming down the sides with an uppercut thrown into the mix.

You’ll need to be rigorous while applying your comb to expose the hairline. You must comb the crown hair toward the opposite direction having applied some hair pomade or mousse. Use your electric trimmer to broaden the hairline so that the partition is rendered visible to the naked eye.

Stubble is always a wise choice to complement such a neat hairdo. It’s ideal for each occasion and every space you can possibly think of paying a visit to!

Tapered Hard Part

Tapered Hard Part

After the original, I’m now going to show you the techniques and ideas you can utilize to tweak the design and create new haircuts to establish authenticity. In this case, instead of a seamless trim applied on the temple, you are free to settle for a taper around the fringes.

It’s really a subtle touch that can enhance your potential look and echo the fact that you care about details. Such hairdos speak a lot about yourself and attract ones who carry a knack for observing miniscule aspects. Casually combing the hair over should take you to the peak.

If you’re one for keeping it clean, be my guest. Hard parts can find enhancement even without the aid of a beard as this concept clarifies the doubt completely.

High Fade Comb Over

High Fade Comb Over

An exquisite makeover can completely alter the way people perceive you on a daily basis, and this style in particular grants you the access to exactly that! The key selling point of this look is the neatness all over. A high fade is there to begin with that goes on an inch past the hairline.

From the moment you’ll have sizable length for the comb over, you need to create a shaved line abruptly. Sharpen up the fringes with a line up trimmer to enhance the look further. A well-kempt beard, neatly maintained on the edges and a focus on the mustache makes it just perfect!

Mid Fade Golden Glaze

Mid Fade Golden Glaze

Another method of interpreting this genre of haircuts is to tone it up with a particular dye, in this case – a suave golden color. It’s true that you might find yourself in a position to apply bleach in order to reach this tone, but once you get through the procedure, it’ll glaze like a gold bullion!

For the rest of the hair body, a mid fade should suffice that eventually ends with zero difference to the skin. Apply some hair gel to split the hair portions so that the partition can land. With your drenched hair, use your comb to direct them forward and create a flick right above forehead!

Clean Skin Fade

Clean Skin Fade

If I have to categorize based on age, this one belongs to the grownups. Not that young people are discouraged to try it out, just the effect it radiates is ideal for a corporate space. A clean skin fade or even a bald fade surrounding the ear should solve the matter for each side.

At the top, use hair cream to neatly comb everything toward one side, making the design look cool and sleek. The partition line doesn’t demand to be made apparent as a subtle take on the hard part suffices. A sized-up goatee in the end finishes the procedure!

The Platinum Buzz

The Platinum Buzz

You’re probably going to lose your mind when you lay your eyes upon this dashing haircut draped in a platinum tone. Founded upon a buzz cut paired up with high faded sides, the top portion carries slightly lengthier hair.

Take your trimmer out to make the partition visible along your hairline with a fine bleach procedure to let the platinum color make itself apparent!

Mr. Edgy Burst Fade

Mr Edgy Burst Fade

If radical styles often allure you into getting them, then it’ll be quite challenging for you to resist the charm of this particular design. An Edgar-ish effect at the front with much shorter bangs are to be lined up neatly to flaunt edginess. Burst fade is the prime choice for the sides as it poses a contrast with the rest of the hair body.

Toupée Effect

Toupee Effect

A cut that resembles a Toupée hints at the French styling aesthetics, but a merger with hard part haircut takes that to a universal level. An undercut should surround your head up to the hairline. As opposed to highlighting the hairline with your trimmer, perform that slightly inside the hair region so that it generates a striking effect on the audience!

Relaxed Partition

Relaxed Partition

You don’t always need to be uptight and crisp about all the hard part designs. Sometimes, a low-maintenance cut is all you require to go through the busy days. An undercut with a slightly longer hair placed at the crown should be the ideal proportion. Just make sure to dig down on the partition line to comply with the genre for one of the most relaxed hairdos!

Short & Curly

Short and Curly

There’s no obligation for you to let your natural curls grow out so that you can braid them or turn them into a dreadlock. Rather, there are easier alternatives in the short styling category that’ll make you almost forget that you have the trouble of maintaining your hair. Buzz cut with a semi-oval hard part carried up to your eyebrows is one convenient way of doing so.

Modern Mullet Part

Modern Mullet Part

As mullet designs have gone through years of transformations, modern renditions interpret this concept in various ways. One such concept is well-suited for ones with receding hairline. Brush everything backward so that they look like your nape hair. Clean out the sides so that the hard part remains visible, and a long beard could boost the look even further!

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut

This haircut literally oozes out the word ‘cool!’ upon every gaze – such is its potential really! By completely shedding your side hair into an undercut and treating lengthy top hair in the correct way, you can achieve it easily! Just put in some hair mousse and comb everything directed toward your nape. A shaved design at the side disconnects the hair body from one another.

Curled Hard Part

Curled Hard Part

An exquisite design for ones having natural kinks. Resembling something like cornrows, it relies on shortness of the length as well as the hair root pattern. Trimming everything down is the first approach you have to take and a taper added to the mix. To conclude, twist your hard part line guided toward the crown instead of following along your temple edge.

Minimal Mohawk

Minimal Mohawk

Mohawks have always been the designer’s choice while creating a hard part haircut. Short length hair on either side creates the stark contrast, the key factor for such hairdos. Crown hair should obviously contain significant size as gel must be applied to spike them all up into the mohawk. Like the rest of the haircuts in the list, this one too is to bear a shaved line at the end.

Temple Part

Temple Part

Why only stick to the original concept and not play around with the variables? This gorgeous caramel toned hairdo has gone to the extent of breaking the convention. Instead of a hard part at the hairline, this one draws a 90-degree angled partition solely on the temple. On one side of it resides the soothing hair while on the other banks an undercut exposing the skin.

Undercut With Slick Back

Undercut with Slick Back

To enhance your masculinity, there are certain criteria to be fulfilled, all of which this one haircut guarantees! Slick back hair is the point of highlight here that’s enhanced with an undercut. Precisely at the hairline, draw a shaved line to isolate the two sections neatly. A well-sized and regularly groomed beard comes in, allowing you to bask under a masculine light!

With Bun On Top

With Bun on Top

Even if you have longer hair that you don’t feel like chopping off yet, seek refuge in this particular haircut which lets you utilize the length fabulously! Grab everything toward the top starting from the middle of your temple and tie them into a well-shaped bun. Then, just lose everything beneath the partition line, enhance it with a trimmer and apply a fade.

Diagonal Separation

Diagonal Separation

Some might think that a straight isolation line has grown weary and the new generation should do it in a much different way. Thus was born the diagonal hard part haircut. Low skin fade is the method you can follow as it gradually moves toward the hairline. Go an inch extra in a 20-degree angle so that the hairline becomes diagonal with spiked hair on the top.

Smooth Slice

Smooth Slice

A smooth slice across your side hair can’t help but increase the charm you carry around all day! It’s placed on top of a very basic haircut really, a mid fade side part hairdo to be very precise. But instead of drawing focus on the hairline, this concept takes an alternate path over the temple. It carries on till the middle of the nape and delivers a unique haircut!

Side Part Mullet

Side part Mullet

Another mullet design to treat your eyes with huge potential to be an eye-turner. Apply an extended burst fade on the sides that reaches the nape and crown hairlines. Then, trim a couple of oval and parallel shaved lines on that patch to make it work like an alternate hard part haircut.

Kinky V-Part

Kinky V Part

If your hair is kinky and doesn’t support hard parting due to the coils, take a different and more unique route. Nicely shaped hair up top is to be teamed up with a ‘V’ shaped parting where the pointy end will reside beneath your nape. Below that, just apply a taper for perfection.

Parted Designs

Kinky V part

We often talk about taking the style to the next level, but this one in particular takes a few levels further. Top hair brushed toward one side from the hairline lets the rest of the side be designed in partition textures. Wide angled parallel designs with arrows coming from one side is something you can try out if you’re adventurous enough!

Two Tone Bun Undercut

Two Tone Bun Undercut

An exclusive haircut always takes you a few steps ahead of the rest, and a two tone bun gives you that opportunity instantly! Your long hair is to be formed into a big bun sitting over your nape. Partially bleach that bun and zig-zag parted undercut left to sketch out a design.

Signature Hard Part

Signature Hard Part

Why don’t you throw minimalism down the trash for once and opt for a signature design? Your curly hair should easily accompany you in this arena having a fade cut applied on the sides. There, a sharply crafted signature motif by your barber promises a deluxe outcome!

Angelic Isolation

Angelic Isolation

Make your partition divine by using an angelic design around the nape area. Top hair is to be left intact and unchecked while the hair at the back requires a fade endorsement. Winged shaved lines with a cross on top functions as the isolation and renders it a creative hard part haircut!

Do It Yourself: Hard Part At Home!

Many enthusiasts have often pondered over how much a hard part haircut costs. Well it depends on your locality as the cost rests between $10 to $100. But I’m here to save you that money and get it done free within the comforts of your home!

Things You’ll Need

A couple of things should be kept around you for the procedure to go smoothly. They are –

  • A couple of combs
  • Scissors
  • Trimmer/Clipper
  • Hair mousse

Once you’ve gathered these around, proceed to the styling part!

Step 1: Comb

Utilize your comb properly. Identify the portion where you want your side part to appear and direct your hair in the opposite directions from that point. Apply some water if needed, it’ll aid you in moving the hair body together.

Step 2: Trim

With your hair settled down in place, use your clipper or trimmer to apply an undercut. You can opt for just a simple trim or even go for a fade. It’s all up to your prowess with the machine and preference of hair design.

To treat the nape, you can use an additional mirror or have someone do that for you.

Step 3: Hard Part

Now it’s time for you to enhance the hard part. Ideal way for this is to take off the comb guard from your clipper or trimmer and size it down to zero. If you’re unsure of what it does, have a look at this chart that’ll tell you everything.

Then, very carefully, move the trimmer along that line making slight adjustments as you scroll through. Take your time and be patient, otherwise it might end in a catastrophe. Once you’re satisfied with the width, let the trimmer rest and go for the fine tuning part!

Step 4: Set Hair

Lastly, assess whether your desired style as well as your hair’s texture require a hard gel or some gentle pomade. Upon assessment, apply that in a healthy portion and use your combs again to guide the hair. And done!

With these four easy steps and a couple of available instruments, hard part haircut can be easily landed and you’ll be spared from spending a hefty amount!


I’ll be answering a couple of important FAQs on the matter of hard part haircut. I believe you must carry this knowledge before getting a haircut of this genre.

Q: Is a hard part still in style?

A: Of course! Hard part is one of the most demanded haircuts even in 2023, with the social media culture trends with such makeovers. There’s no shame in getting one, rather it’s the exact opposite.

Q: What is the hard part vs soft part?

A: As I’ve mentioned, a hard part includes highlighting the hairline with a trimmer and shaving that area to make it wide. A soft part on the other hand doesn’t require blades. It relies solely on the combed partition and hair cream’s ability to hold it off.


Now that we’re at the end, I hope you can fully understand the potential a hard part hairstyle can carry.

It’s not limited to any face shape or hair texture, thus establishing itself as a universal design that can be worn proudly at any locality.

As shorted hairs are the target point of this concept, it’s categorized as a low-maintenance genre for people who get very little time for upkeep.

Only the hard part line requires weekly sharpening, which you can easily learn from my DIY section’s Step 3.

Be careful while mixing bleached ideas into this hairdo, as chemicals so close to the hair root can cause damage to your hair.

Finally, I look forward to seeing each of you try hard part hairstyles and climb to the top of popularity within this year!

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