Mexican Haircut

Mexican Haircuts: 24 Exciting Styles for Men

Mexican men are blessed with thick, smooth and vibrant hair. Their unique hair is adaptable to almost any hairstyle.

That is why Mexican men are always carrying the most gorgeous Mexican haircuts. This is the secret behind their appealing and captivating appearances.

With great luck, also comes some unique challenges. There are so many possible options for Mexican men that sometimes it gets difficult to choose the right hairstyle. It is not easy to judge which hairstyle will personally suit you, or which are trendy right now.

This is where we offer our help. We have handpicked two dozen amazing Mexican men’s haircuts for you and described them in detail. These are some of the most popular and trending hairstyles of 2022 for men.

Just go through the list and one of these is bound to win you over. So, stick to this article to learn about some exciting hairstyles for Mexican men.

What is a Mexican Haircut?

What Is A Mexican Haircut

This easy question has a rather complex answer. So, is there a haircut called the Mexican haircut? Well, yes. The Edgar haircut is usually called the ‘Mexican haircut’ by many people. Does every Mexican man have this style? Obviously not.

The Edgar haircut has actually a lot of other names as well. It is also known as the Takuache hairstyle, the Mexican Caesar, the Mexican fade haircut, etc.

So, what is the Edgar haircut? It is basically a shorter version of a Caesar with a skin fade. The hair at the front is long, and the hair at the top, back, and the sides are really short.

Though this style is known as the Mexican haircut, technically any haircut carried by a Mexican will be considered as Mexican haircuts. It would be absurd if an entire community was carrying the exact same hairstyle.

How to Get the Mexican Haircut?

The first step of getting the Edgar/Takuache/Mexican Caesar haircut is being mentally prepared for a Caesar haircut. That makes everything much easier because the difference between these two isn’t much.

To get the Edgar cut, you need to shorten the hair on the back, the top, and the sides. You need to shorten the hair a lot, almost like military haircuts.

Then, long hair will only remain on the front. You need to shorten it more than which is usual for a Caesar. The length will probably be somewhere between a buzz cut and a crew cut.

Finally, you will need a skin fade. That means your skin will be more exposed than any other type of fade.

So, all the focus will be on the front. The contrast between the buzzed hair at the front with almost no hair all around makes this a really neat and stylish haircut.

24 Trendy Mexican Haircuts for 2022

As we have already discussed the Edgar hairstyle in detail, we are leaving that out from this list. But, obviously that still remains undoubtedly the most popular hairstyle for Mexican men.

However, we have put together 24 other must-try hairstyles for you. You can choose any one you want without hesitation. Each of these will give you a uniquely appealing appearance.

Mexican Fade

Mexican Fade

Fades are one of the main staples when it comes to Mexican haircuts. It makes sense because fade is such an adaptable haircut.

There are so many hairstyles that you can combine with the Mexican fade haircut. A simple fade can elevate any style. Whether your hair is short or long, straight or curly, braided or in a man bun, whatever the situation is, the appropriate fade will make your style more alive.

Also, there are different types of fades to choose from. You need a smart and sophisticated style; you can go for a low fade. You can choose a high fade or a skin fade when you are looking for something bolder.

Buzz Cut with Drop Fade

Buzz Cut With Drop Fade

This one’s a classic and one of the most popular Mexican men’s haircuts. Previously, a buzz cut meant having really short hair, and the hair at the front and the back should have almost the same length. Now, people tend to keep the front hair a bit longer.

A drop fade can complement the buzz cut in a wonderful way. Drop fade is named this way because the fade actually drops as it passes behind the ear.

Interestingly, your hair starts becoming shorter behind your ear in a buzz cut. So, the drop fade follows the decreasing hair length. That turns a simple buzz cut into a striking hairstyle.

Crew Cut with High Fade

Crew Cut With High Fade

Crew cut is a great alternative if you do not want to go that short. It is perfect for those who want a bit more length at the front.

As you have more front hair now, a high fade will work amazing with that. Show a bit more skin by starting the fade way above your ears.

This way, you will have a cool contrast between the front and the sides. If you want an even sharper contrast, we suggest shaving the back of your head, or making it really short. This will draw more attention to the front, and now it has turned into quite a captivating style.

Well Groomed Long Hair

Well Groomed Long Hair

Let’s move on from the shorter styles for now, and focus on longer hair. Just look at Diego Luna absolutely rocking his long smooth hair.

He’s not the only one. Longer hairstyles are currently pretty trendy among Mexican men. So, why not try yourself as well?

However, do keep in mind that long hair needs more care and grooming. You need to wash, clean, moisturize and more, on a regular basis. Make sure you are ready for these before starting to grow your hair.

One final inspiration from Diego Luna. If you have long hair, you can try a bandana with it to spice things up.

Sophisticated Slick Back

Sophisticated Slick Back

This is a classy and sophisticated style. This one is for all of you who spend most of your day in a professional setting.

The slick back style is not too extravagant, or inappropriate in any way. But, it still has enough flair to draw anyone’s attention. A great choice for those formal and fancy occasions.

It is also very easy to attain this hairstyle. You just need to comb your hair and sweep it back. You might also use a hair product if you like. That will keep your hair slick and smooth.

If being formal is not mandatory for you, and you just like the style, then you can add a low fade to give this style more character.

Suave Side Part

Suave Side Part

How can a simple hairstyle be so effective? We are talking about the always dependable side part. Side part hairstyle works on a simple philosophy. You have to create a side partition, and the hair on one side needs to be shorter than the other.

It is common for people to add a fade to their side-part hair to make it more appealing. However, we would recommend trying a taper.

A taper will keep all the elegance of a side part, and still give it a panache. You will have a much more assured look with a tapered side part.

Skin Fade Quiff

Skin Fade Quiff

As far as Mexican haircuts are concerned, very few are as popular as this one. It is one of the trendiest styles out there right now.

It shares a commonality with the crew cut. You will be creating a bold contrast between the longer hair at the front, and really short hair or no hair at the back and the sides.

But, you do not work on your front hair in a crew cut. With a quiff, you will brush your front hair upwards and give it a spiky vibe. This small little detail makes a huge difference, and makes it an electrifying hairstyle. That’s why the Mexican men can’t get enough of it.

Traditional Mullet

Traditional Mullet

Cosmetify has recognized the mullet as one of the best comeback hairstyles in 2021. This is why it is the perfect time to give the old mullet a try.

You will basically have short hair, like a short fringe, on the front, and much longer hair at the back. Usually the volume of hair also increases at the back. You can shorten the sides as well if you want.

Mullet is not just a hairstyle that belongs in the 80s. More and more people are adopting this style every day, and you can also become one of them.

Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet

We understand if a mullet feels too much for you, and you are not too keen to try it. Then, you can try a modern interpretation of the mullet.

To attain this style, you don’t need to shorten the front hair that much. In fact, you can have a fringe that comes down to your eyebrows. Also, you don’t need extra volume at the back, just keep it balanced between the front and the back.

Finally, shave off your sides to add that extra funk. Now, this looks like a fun style to have doesn’t it?

Tapered Waves

Tapered Waves

We are very much aware that not all Mexicans have straight hair. What about the ones with the wonderful wavy hair?

Well, you can try most of the styles from this list. But, we have the easiest way to make those waves work for you. Just go for a taper.

The reason we prefer a taper over a fade for wavy hair is that this type of hair has a flowy nature. The sudden decrease in length in a fade disrupts that flow. A taper on the other hand complements the flowy vibe and makes wavy hair more vibrant.

Faded Curly Fringe

Faded Curly Fringe

Let’s not forget the ones with curls as well.  We have a really unique hairstyle just for you.

For this style you need longer hair on the front and top, and much shorter hair on the back. The front hair will have more volume, and the voluminous curly hair will come down to or even go beyond your eyes.

The striking contrast in length and volume makes this a fresh look. Also, we suggest a fade this time. Adding a high fade or a drop fade will turn it into a really attractive hairstyle.

Spiky Mid Fade

Spiky Mid Fade

Spikes have never really vanished since the style became popular. Still, you do not see it now as much as you used to. So, we have come up with a style to bring it back to the scene.

Again, you will need longer front hair. Use a hair cream or gel, and spike up the front hair. Keep the hair at the crown and nape area short.

Go for a mid-fade which will add just the extra punch this style needed. Finally, make sure the front hair is properly lined up to bring the focus to the spikes.

Hard Part Pompadour

Hard Part Pompadour

It’s time for another suave and sophisticated hairstyle. The fusion between the hard part style and a pompadour will always be a winning combination.

It is a fairly easy one to do. You need a disconnected side part. The front hair just needs to be combed and turned into a pompadour. You can use a hair product if you want to keep the style at its place.

You can go for a taper or a fade for the sides as well. Choose the taper if it’s a formal occasion, otherwise a fade will be more effective.

Magnetic Mid Part

Magnetic Mid Part

As much as we are fans of side part hairstyles, we do not nearly see as many mid-part styles. And, whenever you do find one, it is usually with long hair.

It is pretty rare to see a mid-parted style with short hair. We believe that men are missing out on a great hairstyle. Plus, it is so easy to do.

It works better if you have long front hair. Then, you just need to create a middle partition, and make a few strands of long hair fall on your eyes from both sides. You can shorten the hair at the back or the sides if you want to create a contrast.

Designed Undercut

Designed Undercut

This one is probably more suitable for the younger men. Nevertheless, this is one fiery hairstyle.

All you need is to go for an undercut. The rest is you choosing which design you want for you. It can be simple stripes and zig-zag shapes to complex patterns.

If you have never tried designing before, and you have chosen a complex pattern, then we would suggest not doing it by yourself. Get help from a professional to get it done.

Proper Ponytail

Proper Ponytail

One of the easiest styles for Mexican men with long hair. Still, it will give you as charming an appearance as most other styles.

All you need to do is comb your hair back, and tie them together with a rubber band. A simple and stylish way to carry your long hair.

Do not think for a second that a ponytail is not manly enough. Just remember Antonio Banderas from the movie Desperado, and you will realize it can be one of the coolest hairstyles for men.

Short Mohawk

Short Mohawk

A mohawk is an amazing hairstyle. But, it is not always practical or convenient to have one. That’s why we have come up with a solution.

You do not need a mohawk so high that the top of your hair touches the ceiling. You can go for a shorter version as well.

Follow the basic idea of spiking your hair from the front till the nape, and shaving off the sides. Just keep the length shorter than usual. This way you will have an awesome style which is also easy to manage.

Feisty Faux Hawk

Feisty Faux Hawk

Another solution can be going for a faux hawk. Faux hawks have become quite popular in recent times.

You do not need to spike up your hair all the way for a faux hawk. You need to have spikes just for the long fringe, and the top. The hair at the crown and nape area will be much shorter.

We have an even feistier version for you. You can combine your faux hawk with a designed undercut and make it more unique.

Man Braids

Man Braids

It is true that braids are not very common among Mexican men. But, that’s what makes this style so exciting.

On one hand you will be getting a great protective style for your long hair, and also a style that makes you instantly stand apart from the others.

You can braid all your hair, put them in a top knot, or tie them at the back. You can just let the braids fall freely as well.

Bold Blowout

Bold Blowout

Imagine that you are in a cartoon show, and you get electrocuted. What will your hair look like? Basically that is the blowout style.

All your hair needs to go upwards. It will look like you have made all your hair spiky and face up. The hair length will be similar all round. But, it’s better if you have some volume at the top.

The best part of this style is that not too many are aware of this. So, you can be the one getting all the attention before it gets too mainstream.

Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe

This hairstyle is especially recommended to those who like to have a chill and laid back look with their hair. This style will give you the exact vibe you’re looking for.

You need to have a long fringe at the front, shorter hair on top, even shorter on the crown, and really short or none at the nape. Then, you can just use a cream or gel and bring that messy look for the front hair.

A mid or low fade can make this style even more appealing. This style works the best for wavy hair, so do not miss out if your hair is wavy.

Spiked Back

Spiked Back

We are literally jumping in the complete opposite direction for this one. Now, you will need long hair on the crown and the nape, and much shorter hair at the front and the top.

For the front, you can just go for a crop top. You can also leave it as it is. The hair at the back is important for this one, and you need to spike it up.

Visually this style looks a bit like a mullet. But, this is a more unique and fresh hairstyle.

Man Bun

Man Bun

Before you ask why a man bun, we would like to ask first why not a man bun? Today, we are challenging this aversion towards man buns.

Apart from being a practical style that prevents your long hair from coming in the way of your work, it actually looks pretty damn cool.

It works even more if you have a beard. Also, like many other styles on this list, we would suggest adding a fade for a more defined look.

Two-toned Hair

Two Tone Hair

Dying is always a cool option to style your hair. However, to be more creative about it, you can avoid dying your entire hair in one color, and go for two-toned hair.

It works especially great when you have a crew cut, a messy fringe or spikes at the front. Then you can just color the longer front hair.

In that way you will have an attractive contrast with the natural colored short hair. It can be done with other styles as well. As for which color to choose, we leave that up to you


Whether you wanted to learn about the Edgar haircut, or Mexican haircuts in general, or new amazing hairstyles for Mexican men, we think you now know everything you needed to know.

There are many more hairstyles outside of our list. These were more like instruments to spark your imagination. You can choose any one, or combine any two, or put your own twist on a hairstyle and invent something new.

Our final tip to you would be to never neglect daily maintenance of your hair. No matter which style you choose, if you do not give your hair the care and grooming it needs, then no style would work. Also, your hair will be harmed and damaged in the long run.

So, take good care of your hair, try any hairstyle your heart wants, and keep up the reputation of Mexican men having the most amazing hairstyles.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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