Baseball Mullet: 15 Extravagant Looks To Try Out Before Next Ball Game

Regardless of how lengthy it might seem to many, baseball is a sport that is loved by all! While the rules could be a bit tough to keep up with for beginners, baseball could have what it takes to be your favourite sport once you get the hang of how it works.

Baseball was initially discovered in the 1800s, and while it did garner a fanbase, the sport couldn’t live up to its fullest potential due to insufficient selling points and assets. However, as the sport grew in numbers, the fanbase expanded accordingly. The legacy and popularity of the sport reached new heights in the late 19th century, specifically when athletes started exploring their taste in fashion and gave into the trend of wearing mullets; a look that later became their signature hairdo.

The 70s mullet was a revolutionary revelation in the history of baseball. Although it initially started off as a look that baseball players would experiment with, the mullet became a staple amongst the sport, and was later dubbed as a “Baseball Mullet.”

A baseball mullet comprised the same layout when it was first discovered, but as the years passed by, the look became more versatile and brought to the table more variations. From mullets with curly manes to looks that fit in exceptionally with modern trends, here are all the baseball mullet variations that will help you hit a home run! 

What Is A Baseball Mullet?

What is A Baseball Mullet

A baseball mullet has tons of visual aspects that could be found in most mullets, but have distinct features that separate itself amongst the rest at the end of the day.

As opposed to the laid back appeal of the average mullet, a baseball mullet is all about the texture, length, and definition.

Although the mullet was initially the top choice for baseball players due to the influence it had over fashion trends, a majority of the superstars also grew it out due to the fear of ruining their hair. They also grew their manes out because they simply did not have the time for anything; not even a look as simple as the skullet.

Some players also had superstitions about the baseball mullet and perceived it as a sign of good luck; a matter that we thoroughly discussed on our writeup regarding baseball haircuts.

In terms of appearance, it is typically created in a similar way as a permed mullet and is assisted by a fade haircut around the temple to enhance the definition of the curls and add to its volume. 

While both the front and the mane of a baseball mullet are prioritised equally these days, the main appeal of the baseball mullet back then was the length at the back. Since players weren’t allowed to step onto the pitch without protective gear, they would often incorporate their marvellous locs with a baseball hat.

Since it is a type of mullet after all, a baseball mullet caters to all hair types. So, if you do find this look appealing, don’t let your fine hair stop you from giving a go at it!

15 Baseball Mullets To Look Into Before Your Next Baseball Game! 

If you’re really on board with trying out a baseball haircut, then you’ve surely hit the jackpot for stumbling upon this article!

Before you visit your hairdresser, make sure you skim through the list below, which contains multiple variants of baseball mullets that are very well available for replication and easily some of our favourite designs that have been created as of this day!

From short mullets to long, curly manes, here are all the baseball mullets that you have to check out before attending your next baseball game!

Curly Flat Top Mullet

Curly Flat Top

Present your 4a curls in dominant fashion by incorporating a baseball mullet. While the playful definition and volume is surely the main highlight about this look, another impressive aspect about it is its ability to blend in with colour. Regardless of whether you pick a dark hue or a vibrant tone, a curly flat top on a baseball mullet will surely do you justice.

To style this look, you must need a sponge brush to bring in the definition. When the hair feels a bit too heavy, pair it with a burst fade to make things easier.

Additionally, if this look resonates with you, keep your options open by reading through our article on curly mullets.

Mexican Mullet

Mexican Mullet

If you’re looking for something neat around the sides and more texture on top, consider trying out the Mexican mullet.

A Mexican mullet is all about flair. It comprises a short length fauxhawk at front that is usually styled with a water-based pomade, and consists of a fade with decals around the sides. This look could be a great option to look into if you’re searching for a maintenance cut, and could work wonders for you if you want a design that is easy to style and even easier to look after.

That’s not all that makes the Mexican mullet, by the way. If you want more options, make some time for another issue of ours to learn all about Mexican mullets.

Modern Comb Over Mullet

Modern Comb Over Mullet

For something that reeks of volume, a modern combover on a baseball mullet should be sufficient.

The best part about this mullet is how sophisticated it seems in contrast to the others. You can definitely wear it at casual gatherings with friends, but can even create the look prior to attending a high-profile event.

To create the fullness, you may use hair mousse when your hair is slightly damp. In addition, if you want to make the hair more manageable and fluid, use styling hair clay around the ends. 

The 80s Mullet

The 80s Mullet

A baseball mullet hit the screens during the 70s, but rose to fame in the early 80s. The main reason behind its never-ending success back then was the visual aspect. While the front end had consisted of a buzz cut that was slightly grown out, the back contained explosive permed manes.

The mane was mainly incorporated with the help of rods which were sealed in with the use of hair spray. Although this look is a hard find in today’s world, it was definitely the star of the show back then.

Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet

Avoid the awkward phase of growing your curls by trying out a curly baseball mullet. As opposed to the other candidates, this look is all about the texture. The strands are typically soft to touch, and are often created with the help of curling cream, conditioner, and a hairdryer with a diffuser.

To do this look some justice, don’t just wear it to baseball games. Pair it up with the funkiest outfit you have to keep up with the flair and magnificent aura that it has!

Afro Mullet

Afro Mullet

Baseball is for everyone. Similarly, a baseball haircut is also for every hair type; even for those with afro-textured hair.

When incorporated into the hair of those with afro-textured strands, a mullet looks exceptionally at home. While it does look similar to a permed mullet, an afro mullet stands out immensely due to its authenticity. The hair rarely needs any elevation, and can be presented exceptionally as long as a burst fade is added into the layout.

Since an afro mullet is coarse, managing the weight of the hair could be challenging at times. However, to control the outcome, use coconut oil, leave-in conditioner, and argan oil on a regular basis. 

Bleached Baseball Mullet

Bleached Baseball Mullet

As this mullet is all about the volume and definition, wearing it with thin hair could be a bit demoralising. However, where there is a will, there is a way. Similarly, to make the strands look a bit more healthy and thick, you may consider dunking the hair into a bucket of colour!

While the procedure of it could be a bit time-consuming, bleaching your hair will give some newfound life to your strands, making them look more voluminous and giving them a bit more density as a result. However if you happen to have a sensitive scalp, consider seeking the help of a professional before going through with this decision.

Permed Mullet

Permed Mullet

Tight curls on a mullet could be a priority to many, and if you happen to be one of them, satisfy your needs by perming your mullet.

A permed mullet might be temporary and usually comes with a complex procedure, but comprises sculptured curls that you won’t find on the rest of the entries. While the sides can very well be paired with blends when rocking this look, teaming it up with a high fade could also be in the mix if you want to increase the contrast between the permed look and the sides.

eBoy Mullet

eBoy Mullet

If you’re a big fan of soft-boy aesthetics and androgynous hairstyles, consider taking up the eBoy mullet.

The element that makes this eBoy mullet so special is its flexibility. Although it looks based when paired with the traditional eBoy look, also known as the curtain hairstyle, the ends are very cooperative to change.

You can create a gentleman’s comb over, a pompadour, or can even create messy fringe haircuts with the help of this look.

For best results, use styling tools like irons to create the framing longs around the face, and enhance its volume with the help of sea salt spray.

Freddy Galvis (Dread Mullet)

Freddy Galvis Dread Mullet

Growing your dreads out could be extremely difficult and can easily compromise your patience at one point if you’re in a humid environment. However, if you believe that chopping it off by a few inches will give your dreads some room to breathe, do it in style. Combine your dreads with a baseball mullet.

A positive about this dreaded look is its resilience. Due to how strong each thick strand is, users can wear it for weeks and even months without having to worry about how it looks, since it always stays in place.

Despite being tough, this dreaded hairstyle could be a bit difficult to maintain. However, as long as you use a clarifying shampoo, some shea butter, and a deeply nourishing conditioner, you won’t have to worry about your dreaded mullet ever again.

Charlie Blackman’s Baseball Mullet

Charlie Blackmans Baseball Mullet

An iconic figure in modern day baseball is Charlie Blackman, who isn’t just known for his abilities on the field, but also renowned for the mullet he wears off it.

When it comes to appearance, this hairdo looks extremely similar to a metro mullet that is meshed with a side-part. The visuals of it are somewhat messy yet soothing, making it an excellent pick for those that are seeking hairstyles with simple hair care routines.

The disconnection his hair has with his beard is also something to behold, but isn’t necessarily the most appealing or must-have trait that this variant contains.

Chris Paddack’s Mullet

Chris Paddacks Mullet

The longer your curls are, the tougher they are to manage. Even though trimming both the front and back could very well be a convenient solution to consider, saving your mane and locs with the help of Chris Paddack’s mullet.

Though this look is slightly longer in terms of length in contrast to the rest, it’s an easy way to control the excessively textured curly hair of yours for a lengthy period of time. Since it doesn’t comprise a styling routine, it could also be a good option to recreate during lazy days.

The Baseball Mullet

The Baseball Mullet

The baseball mullet is probably the easiest look that can be mimicked amongst this list. The main goal of this look is to pay homage to all the players that wore a mullet in the 70s throughout the 80s.

It is also an option that prioritises minimalism, as all that you need to make it an asset of your own is a head full of hair, a slightly permed mullet, and a snapback or baseball hat to showcase those long locs of yours!

Faux Hawk Mullet 

Faux Hawk Mullet

If you have extremely straight hair, trying out a mullet hairstyle that has the involvement of a faux hawk should be an option to examine before the final decision is made.

On top of looking exceptionally polished and being easy to style, a faux hawk is an excellent partner to a mullet because of the similar energy they carry.

Just like a mullet, a faux hawk is easy to maintain and take care of. It comes with an easy styling routine as well, further adding to its appeal.

To create this look, dampen the hair before implementing the visuals to make the cuticles a bit more cooperative. Use a styling paste that is water based to make the faux hawk a little more flexible and uneven.

Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet

If you’re looking for something that will pair well with your edgy and adventurous personality, consider trying out a mohawk mullet. This won’t just stand out amongst a crowd due to its uniquely slanted shape, but suit you exceptionally when teamed up with a baseball jersey.

Furthermore, if this look seems a bit too plain, incorporate some razor decals or racing stripes around the temple to give it a better effect. To make the ends look healthier, try installing bright highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Even though the content mentioned below will surely be enough to help you before, during, and after getting a baseball mullet, here’s a series of questions regarding baseball mullets that will make the process even easier!

Q: What type of hair looks good with a baseball mullet? 

A: The selling point of a baseball mullet is how adaptable it is. When rocking a baseball mullet, your hair type should hardly be a contributing factor, as it has multiple designs that can be worn by those with coarse and dense hair, with other options that can cater to those with male pattern baldness and a receding hairline.

Whether you’re Asian or from a country based in North America, a baseball mullet will always be a hairstyle that you can look into!

Q: How do I maintain a baseball mullet?

A: When push comes to shove, a baseball mullet is extremely useful for those seeking a design that offers them enough freedom to style it however they want to. Despite being easy to manipulate, however, a baseball mullet needs to be maintained with weekly trims to stay consistently sound.


That’s all for now, folks! We hope this article provides you with all you need to know about baseball mullets and is successful in getting rid of all the queries you have regarding this look.

Despite being a subgenre of the 70s mullet, a baseball mullet is extremely versatile and can be pulled off exceptionally with the help of the 15 timeless designs mentioned during the first half of this article. Make sure to check them out before making your final design to find your own most desired baseball mullet.

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